Honeybells Are Limited Edition Fruits

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HoneybellsLimited edition gives anything an air of prestige. When there are only a certain number or something is available for a short window of time, it becomes limited edition. Desirable Honeybells are limited edition fruits only available between late December and early February each year.

This heavenly hybrid cross between a tangerine and grapefruit is like no other citrus fruit on the globe. The sweet yet slightly sour flavor is almost addictive. Honeybells are well known for their excessive juiciness with sticky juice sure to flow down your chin as you sink your teeth into its succulent flesh.

While both tangerines and grapefruits have seeds, honeybells have few or no seeds so you never have to worry about getting rid of them. Besides having a napkin handy to catch the juice, honeybells are carefree eating. Their loose, orange-red skin is easy to peel so you can get to the fleshy innards in just seconds.

Another quality that makes something limited edition is its availability in certain areas. Honeybells cannot be grown everywhere and are groves are only found in a few states. A certain climate is necessary for honeybell trees to thrive. Florida is the leading state where honey bells are grown. Other states growing honeybells include California, Arizona and Texas.

Much like any other exclusive item, honeybells are known by another name. The official name of the luscious honey bell is Minneola Tangelo. A tangelo is a combination of the words tangerine and pummelo, another name for a grapefruit. This hybrid is also called a honeybell because of its unique shape and sweet taste.

The combination of tangerines and grapefruits is distinctive. No other citrus fruit tastes like a honeybell. People eagerly await their arrival at the end of the year because of their extremely sweet yet slight sour flavor. The juiciness and sweetness is unsurpassed by any other citrus fruit.

The harvest timing of honeybells makes them a natural choice for holiday gift baskets. Limited edition items are always more desirable gifts. Honeybells are the ideal gift for friends, family and business associates. Decorative gift baskets filled with yummy honeybells are sure to be appreciated and shared.

Honeybells are also perfect to bring to holiday parties and gatherings. No matter how far you travel, honeybells can be stored at room temperature for up to four days. Honeybells are fresh, fragrant and colorful in gift baskets when you arrive. You don’t need to purchase separate presents for everyone because you brought plenty of honeybells for all.

Gift baskets with honeybells are also great for employees, clients and key business associates. When you give eye-catching gift baskets with a holiday theme, they are sure to be displayed in reception areas and break rooms. Your business name will be associated with a tasteful, thoughtful gift and the best advertising is a word-of-mouthwatering fruit gift!

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