Indian River Fruit and More

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If you draw a line across the state of Florida from Tampa, or more specifically the lower part of Hillsborough Country to the Atlantic coast you will find the County of Indian River, created in 1925 and named after the Indian River Lagoon that takes up just shy of one fifth of the county. It does not seem to be a highlight of Florida if you think about the fact that it only has a small population of around 120,000 people. But this is in fact a very important county, not only for the state of Florida, but for the homes of hundreds of thousands of Americans and even people from around the world. Why you might ask? Well, is home to the production of the world famous Indian River fruit. No, Indian River fruit is not some bizarre prickly exotic fruit! Indian River fruit are something that you eat more regularly than you think. Indian River fruit are the very oranges, lemons, limes, pomelos, tangerines, mandarins and clementines you eat for breakfast, dessert or snacks on your regular fruit eating basis! It does pay to read that little sticker or stamp on the peel of your fruit so you know exactly where your favorite treats are coming from. It is likely that you will find many of them are Indian River fruit.

This county not only home to Indian River fruit production, but to the beautiful but less famous Vero beach. Here you can enjoy not only the fresh Atlantic sea breeze and warm waters of the Jet Stream, but you will also enjoy the delicious fragrances of citrus mixed in with the beautiful ocean breeze. There are not only palm trees lining the beautiful beaches, but also some of the orchards extend all the way to the beach front, creating the perfect tranquil paradise you are looking for on your lazy beach day. You can also find part of the Archi Carr national Wildlife Regue and the entire Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge located in this county. A perfect day trip for more Floridians can be a visit to the wildlife reserve and then a family trip to the orchards to enjoy learning about the production of Indian River fruit, the history of the industry and of course the treat of taking home their favorite Indian River fruit, whether it be the world famous citrus products or their additional goodies such as the exotic fruits such as kiwis, pineapples or mangos or their American traditional favorites such as pears and apples. Another item of interest is not necessarily the Indian River fruit, but the delicious honey that is produced with the flavor of the mouth-watering hint of citrus. Next time you are planning your family trip, think outside the box for a truly beautiful experience.

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