Indian River Fruit in Brief

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Indian River fruit is said to be some of the best citrus fruit in the world. This world famous lush and flavor bursting citrus can be found across the globe as well as your local super market. It can also be found in your local produce distributor or warehouse and even your local organic trendy food store. But sometimes it is hard to differentiate where that beautiful master piece of fruit was produced while wandering your produce section. Many items are poorly marked, if at all, and sometimes they only state the obvious with signs that say ‘lemons’ as if that was not evident to begin with.

So how is it that you can check to see if what is in your hand is Indian River fruit? If you can not find any cartons, crates or baskets that state the name of the area it came from, check to see if there is a sticker stating the orchard on it that states Indian River fruit on it. If that fails, ask one of the sales associates if they can check for you, after all, how often does the high school stock boy know where the produce comes from off hand? Probably rarely, so it is best to ask them to check in the back or to request to speak with a manager. Perhaps the managers will have a better idea and can help you pick out the Indian River fruit. It would even be great to try the difference between another regional fruit and the Indian River fruit just to prove that it is that much better.

But what makes Indian River fruit so much better then other oranges, lemons, limes or any other citrus fruits for that matter? The nutrient rich dense soils mixed with the constant supply of water from the Indian River lagoon and rains make Indian River fruit nutrient rich while the sun and subtropical humidity ensures that these fruits grow to the upmost standards. The region rarely drops below freezing making it one of the best locations to produce citrus fruits.

So as the holidays approach or a personal event where a gift is in order such as a birthday, celebration or thank you gift why not send a great gift of healthy fruits to your gift recipient. Many orchards in the Indian River fruit belt sell fruit baskets, crates, and by weight fruits to your home for direct delivery. Not only are you getting even fresher fruits you will also be able to order the perfect fruit for that season so you know the quality will be nothing short of awesome. The receiver will be happy to not have to have the gift of health- especially if it is in the form of a package of Indian River fruit.

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