Lose Weight Eating Florida Oranges

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If you want to lose some weight and get in shape eating Florida oranges is a great way to lose weight without changing your diet radically. When people start diets they often will go off the diet within a week because they don’t like feeling deprived and hungry when they can’t eat the foods they like. But most of the time that is a result of people not being able to eat sweets and other foods they crave. Eating super sweet Florida oranges can satisfy those cravings without packing on the pounds because Florida oranges and other Florida citrus fruits like grapefruits and tangerines are very low in calories but are full of naturally sweet flavor. You’ll feel as if you’re eating a candy bar or other sweet treat but you’ll be eating less than a fourth of the calories that can be found in the average candy bar. Most Florida oranges have less than 80 calories, some have less than 60 calories, which makes Florida oranges one of the best foods to eat if you want to lose weight.

Florida oranges have a lot of fiber, which is great for weight loss. Fiber will make you feel full so that you won’t want to snack all the time. If you have a low calorie Florida orange as a snack between breakfast and lunch you won’t be starving when it’s time for lunch and you’ll eat less for lunch because you will still feel full. Since Florida oranges are so low in calorie you can cut your daily calorie consumption by 600 calories or more just by substituting Florida oranges or other low calorie citrus fruit like grapefruit for your usual chips or candy bar snacks. A pound is made up of 3,500 calories. So if you cut 600 calories per day out of your diet by eating Florida oranges instead of other snacks you can lose a pound every week without changing anything else about your diet. You won’t even have to exercise more.
Florida oranges are in season right now and you can order them online easily and quickly. Browse through different types of Florida oranges or stock up by buying a large box of Florida oranges and grapefruit. Fresh citrus fruit will stay fresh and delicious for several weeks if you store it in a cool and dry place so one box of assorted Florida oranges and citrus fruit will last you quite a while.

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