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Here’s a fact: even though ‘most everyone loves getting fruit basket deliveries, some gift givers don’t like sending baskets of fruit because they think they don’t make truly personal gifts. Here’s another fact: nothing could be further from the truth when you order a basket of fruit from Hale Groves!

Fruit Baskets to Fit Your Style and Theirs

When it comes to gift-giving, there are three ways to go: you can get a gift that fits their style (perfect for when you’re familiar with the other person’s taste), one that fits your style (a good choice when you don’t know the other person’s tastes that well or want to get them something different), or something that fits both your personalities.

Whichever way you decide to go, getting a fruit basket from Hale Groves always works because our fresh fruit baskets come in many different shapes and sizes. What was once a simple, gift now comes in a variety of styles, colors, and configurations, so you have many choices when it comes to delicious and nutritious fresh citrus fruit!

May We Suggest: Bees & Blossoms Felt Gift Basket, Only $39.99

Hand-packed with care in an adorable, reusable felt tote depicting busy bees and bright blossoms, this gift is ideal for Easter, Mother’s Day, or just because!

Fresh Fruit Meets Personal Style

Almost everyone loves high-quality fresh fruit (like the Indian River citrus fruit you’ll find at Hale Groves)! But how can you make your gift of fruit memorable for your recipient?

Fruit baskets today are different than those sent in times past. While fruit baskets used to consist of a bunch of fruit thrown into a basket, today’s baskets evoke a much higher level of craftsmanship, as well as greater variety. Baskets that are available today are designed to be used again and again, and even come in a variety of materials and styles that make them unique.

May We Suggest: Baker’s Proofing Basket with Citrus, Only $49.99

Sure to be a hit with the baker in your life, a sturdy proofing basket (used for raising bread dough) come packed with our just-picked oranges, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Honey Sweet Tangerines, and an assortment of treats.

Your Style Meets “Fresh Citrus Gift Baskets” Appeal

Want to make friends, family, and co-workers feel welcome? By placing a basket of fresh citrus fruit in your home or office, you’re welcoming visitors and family members with the delicious taste of some of the healthiest foods on Earth. Fresh citrus fruits come in many different colors, typically bright shades that complement sunny decors and rich earth tones. The classic fruit basket, with its heavy woven construction and sturdy frame, complements most any American living space with its distinct sense of heritage and tradition. In fact, the traditional American fruit basket almost creates a décor all by itself, as its rich style and bright colors will lend texture and color to any setting.

May We Suggest: Sunshine Basket, Only $49.99

Three sweet and flavorful varieties of our grove-fresh citrus arrive nestled in a sturdy basket. Includes Grove Select Oranges, Honey-Sweet Tangerines and Ruby Red Grapefruit.

Fresh Fruit Citrus Gift Baskets Make Your Style Its Own

Hale Groves offers many kinds of citrus fruit gift packages, so you’re sure to find one that reflects the style you want to express, whether you’re shopping for yourself and your home or when giving a fresh fruit gift basket to someone else for the holidays or any occasion.

Selecting a fresh citrus fruit tray or other arrangement lets you bring the traditional nutritious fun of the gift fruit basket into a more modern design sense of style.

If baskets and bowls aren’t your style, go with a variety of fruits by ordering a sampler tray, or focus on just the kind of fruit you like the most. If you’re ordering for a large family, there are any number of jumbo-sized fruit trays that encompass the whole, fresh-fruit spectrum in a delightful and sturdy package.

May We Suggest: Holiday Trays Starting at $49.99

Choose from three versatile sizes to fit your needs and budget! A reusable basket comes packed with our famous, customer-favorite citrus, orchards fruits and other gourmet treats.

A Stylish Gift Any Time of Year

Fruit isn’t just for the holidays! No matter what the occasion, fruit always fits – you’ll find many varieties of fresh fruit available year-round from Hale Groves. As you plan your order, keep shipping and delivery times in mind – and remember, that fresh-fruit taste will be more than worth the wait!

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