Navel Oranges Keep You Healthy in Winter

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Navel oranges are a cheap and effective way to stay healthy this winter. Winter is on the way and bringing with it lots of colds and flu viruses. If you start boosting your immune system now by eating at least two navel oranges each day you will be ready to fight off the colds and flu that will be coming shortly. Once your immune system is compromised by a cold or by the flu you’re more likely to get sick again when another strain of cold or flu comes along, and in the winter time it seems like everywhere you go people are sick so you are exposed to different strains of colds and flu constantly. Super charging your immune system now, while you are still healthy, will give your immune system the extra ammunition it needs to fight off illness. You could go the entire winter without even a single cold. And if you do get sick, eating navel oranges will give your immune system what it needs to get you over that illness quickly.

Navel oranges, like grapefruits and tangerines, contain large amounts of Vitamin C which is critically important for boosting your immune system. But navel oranges also contain B Complex vitamins, Folic Acid, and minerals like Magnesium which are all things your body needs to stay healthy. If you don’t have health insurance, or if you don’t want to end up so sick that you need to take time off work or away from school, adding navel oranges to your daily diet is the smartest thing you can do to stay healthy this winter.

It’s easy to find ways to eat more navel oranges. If you’re worried that you’ll get bored just eating navel oranges get some grapefruit or tangerines as well, since they all contain Vitamin C you’ll be fine eating any of the three although navel oranges are the best. Instead of having coffee in the morning drink some fresh orange juice instead. Or, make a smoothie using fresh orange juice and drink it on the way to work. Stash some navel oranges and tangerines in your desk drawer at work so that you have a healthy snack within your reach at all times. You can also order a fruit basket full of delicious citrus fruit for your office and put it in the break room so that everyone can share the navel oranges. If everyone is super charging their immune systems you may be able to avoid spreading colds and flu among all the office staff.

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