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If you’ve been browsing Hale Groves catalog for food gifts to send by mail this holiday season, you may want to wrap things up earlier this year.

How Will Shipping Delays Affect Your Hale Groves Order?

The good news is – our citrus crop is shaping up to be amazing this year! If you’re planning to send fruit baskets for holiday gifts this year, we’re confident you and your recipients will be delighted with our citrus fruit gifts.

But while we can guarantee the quality of your orange gifts, our influence over delivery has limits. Our goal always is for your citrus gifts to arrive fresh, perfect and on time. To that end, we always leave your gifts of fruit on the tree until they’ve reached their peak of ripeness, waiting to pick them until after you’ve placed your order, then rushing them to your chosen address as swiftly as possible.

Why You Should Place Your Order Early This Year

How can you be sure your citrus gifts will arrive on time? After all, the holidays are all about celebrating and connecting with those we care about – and after the last couple of years we’ve had, this is more important than ever!

Here are three tips for making things less stressful for you and ensuring you and your loved ones get the most out of your holiday celebration:

  1. Plan ahead. Product demand is expected to be very high this year. Shop now before our best fruit gifts are sold out.
  2. Order early. With the nation’s delivery services anticipating delays this holiday season due to increased volume, we encourage you to order your gifts early so they arrive on time.
  3. Choose low-volume shipping times. When selecting your gift’s arrival time at checkout, choose dates outside high-volume shipping periods wherever possible.

Early Delivery Won’t Affect the Quality of Your Gift

If you’re concerned that early ordering and delivery will hurt the quality of your gift, please let us reassure you: as stated above, “The Hale Difference” means we don’t start picking your fruit until you’ve placed your order: whether its oranges or apples, gifts from us are always as fresh as possible when they arrive. Plus, citrus stays fresh in your fridge for weeks, and the easy tips for proper storage that we include with your gift ensure that your fruit will be as perfect on Christmas Day as it was on the day it arrived.

Being on your gift list means a lot to us at Hale Groves, and we’re committed to delivering your gifts safely and keeping you notified every step of the way. Together, we’ll do everything we can to ensure you and your loved ones’ Christmas is as special and full of cheer as possible!

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