Ortaniques: Natural Orange-Tangerine Hybrid

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ortaniquesDid you know there are more than ten types of commonly grown citrus fruit in Florida? At Hale Groves we offer one that we bet you?ve never heard of before; the Ortanique! This naturally grown hybrid is a combination of a juicy navel orange, and a sublime tangerine. The history of this special fruit is actually very interesting. It?s reported that they came to the United States during the 1960?s from Jamaica. The name is a combination of ?orange?, ?tangerine?, and ?unique.? Which is an apt name, because it describes the Ortanique oranges perfectly. The color of this variety is a vibrant rich orange color that just begs to be eaten.

Ortaniques are juicy, wholesome, and packed with vitamin C. They are the perfect orange for sale to pop in your child?s lunch box or pack in your brown bag for work. Easy to peel and eat since the juicy segments of these Florida oranges are seedless. An Ortanique orange can be ordered as unique gift box online if you have never had this type of citrus variety before. You won?t find these tasty fruit at your local grocery store though; you can only buy gift boxes of this exquisite fruit online and Hale Groves is proud to offer these Florida beauties, which can be shipped fresh in the United States and Canada.

The Ortanique orange is available during March through April every year, and like a tangerine, these oranges are a little smaller than a regular Navel or Valencia Orange. It doesn?t mean they are any less tasty though! When we harvest an Ortanique hand-picked from the tree, we take extra special care to bring you only the very best flawless fruit. Our gift boxes of this orange tangerine hybrid are also packed with great care, after successfully passing our rigorous quality inspection for your orange gifts. Only the best of the best will be included, so you know your children and family will enjoy the highest quality of fruit. It?s like a little piece of Florida sunshine in every segment bite!

So what are you waiting for? Order Hale?s Ortaniques for a unique orange gift fruits today!

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