Tangerine Gifts the Whole Family Loves

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2699-honeybell-navel-tangerine-giftTreat your family to some exceptional tangerine orange fruit this spring! Of all the citrus fruit available on the market today, the Florida tangerine has excellent nutritional value and unbeatable freshness when delivered directly from the tree to your doorstep. Our Honeybells are a favorite choice. Did you know that Honeybell tangerines are a hybrid of a Dancy tangerine and a Duncan grapefruit? That explains their exquisite juiciness and fresh, delicious flavor. You might also hear the Honeybell referred to as a tangelo.

Hale Groves harvests Honeybells with great care from selected crops. They are hand-clipped to keep their thin skins perfect for our hand-packaging process. These tangerine hybrids will be perfectly fragrant, fresh, and delicious when your tangerine gift orders are delivered at home. Buy your favorite selections of each seasonal tangerine online to get the freshest, highest quality produce available. You will be pleased when you experience the difference in quality of our product. We know you will want to start bestowing these healthy, wonderful tasting treats upon your friends. Buy tangerine gifts for special occasions, corporate events, and for decorative centerpieces for your spring holiday table.

Some of the beautiful and delicious combinations of quality gifts we offer when you shop tangerine arrangements include our Special Occasion Basket Box is loaded with essential treats for any occasion, juicy tangerines, grove oranges, citrus jellybeans, mixed nuts, ruby red grapefruit, and crispy chocolate chip cookies. If you have your eye on our honey sweet tangerines, we deliver 15-packs, 30-packs, 45-packs, and?60-packs, for your quantity convenience. Honey sweet tangerines are named for their honey sweet flavor, natural candy.

There is no better way to express your appreciation or love than to send a gift that is both beautiful and healthy. Tangerine gifts are a delicious memory and taste that anyone would appreciate. You can shop for our exceptional tangerines fruit gift combinations from the convenience of your home or office, so order our “best of the grove” tangerines gift packages today. We always suggest you buy a few packages because once you see and taste the difference; you will want to keep them all for yourself!

Tangy Tangerines Available for Purchase

Bright and bursting with sweet citrus flavor, Hale Groves Tangerines are tiny treats that deliver big taste. Order our delectable, juicy Tangerines for someone special today!
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