Tangerines Help Protect Against Cancer

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florida-tangelos-128zThe news that tangerines can help protect people from cancer sounds a little too good to be true. After all, billions of dollars have been used for cancer research, and nearly everyone expects the cure or prevention for this disease to take the form of a complicated chemical medicine. Recent research on mice, however, has shown that a flavonoid chemical in tangerines called nobiletin can protect against heart attacks, stroke, obesity, and cancer.

Flavonoids are found in a wide variety of fresh fruits like the Minneola Tangerine and vegetables, but research is just starting to understand the effects of these chemicals. In a study by researchers at the University of Western Ontario, a group of scientists fed a group of mice a diet high in fat and sugar, but added concentrated nobelitin. When this group was compared to one with a similar diet but no nobelitin, the mice that were given the added flavonoid gained less weight and had lower blood sugar levels. In other studies, when the chemical was applied directly to human liver cells, the cells secreted fewer ?bad? fats. Additionally, it has been shown that liver cells that secrete less fat are less likely to become cancerous.

The fact that this chemical can be consumed just by eating a fresh tangerine every morning makes it an easy and practical way for people to stave off cancer and control their weight. By reducing the amount of weight that is gained, people who eat tangerine and grapefruit are improving their health by giving their body the tools it needs to stave off disease. Previous studies have shown a link between excess body mass and a host of health problems such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. While the exact reasons why an increased body mass increases a person?s chances of developing cancer are unknown, it is important to take steps to prevent this disease.

The flavonoid nobelitin can be found in several different varieties of tangerines including honey tangerines, Florida tangerines, mandarin tangerine, grapefruit tangerine, and the commercially popular orange tangerine hybrid fruit. Moreover, nobelitin can also be found in smaller concentrations in grapefruit tangerine hybrid fruit and tangerine grapefruit hybrid fruit.

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