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simply-spectacular-honey-tangerinesThe Florida honey tangerine is cultivated and harvested by experts at Hale Groves. Surrounded by ocean breezes, they are in season for less than three months beginning in January. The mandarin tangerines fruit grows along the Florida Indian River and they are, hands down, the best in the state. Grown in the fertile soil by the Indian River and the tropical Florida climate, they have to be the sweetest of all varieties of tangerines.

Hale fruit experts spend most of their time out among the Florida tangerine trees, sampling and monitoring the quality and ripeness of the fruit, making sure that the fruit we deliver is without equal anywhere in the world. They know the precise moment when it reaches its peak of sweetness and flavor. For all of these reasons and more, the winter tangerine is the best choice of tangerine gifts for the holiday season and Easter.

Many people select a few of their favorite orange tangerine hybrid fruit baskets online, for gifting loved ones and for themselves. The advantage of ordering Florida tangerines online is they are quickly hand-picked, packed and shipped with great care by Hale Groves, then delivered grove fresh to your door. You can count on receiving your tangerine gifts in perfect condition because they are perfectly packed for protection during shipping.

When you go online to shop tangerine orange varieties and other citrus fruit, you know you’ll be getting the finest source of Vitamin C available. These fruit selections cannot be found at the Farmer’s Market, or in grocery produce sections. Make your gift unique and order special fruit like the sensational and unusual Ortaniques. This hybrid of a bright and tangy tangerine and a sweet, firm pulp variety of our prized quality oranges is a favorite for our customers. Delight your family with a healthy, beautiful, and delicious gift for Easter, Mother’s Day or for Father’s Day, a generous and thoughtful way to say you care.

Holiday gifts are beautifully packaged for each season, like the Easter Feaster Basket, pairing best of quality fruit with milk chocolate Easter eggs and flavored jellybeans. The irresistible Shareable Treats Tower adds luscious oranges, milk chocolate candy eggs, crisp chocolate chip cookies, and gourmet sized mixed nuts as well.
If you would like to add the healthy benefits of seasonal fruits to your gift giving lists, delight your friends with a Grove Favorites Trio, or a seasonal favorite, the Spring Basket.

Tangy Tangerines Available for Purchase

Bright and bursting with sweet citrus flavor, Hale Groves Tangerines are tiny treats that deliver big taste. Order our delectable, juicy Tangerines for someone special today!
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