Valencia Orange Refresher Recipe

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Valencia Oranges may have been named after the city of Valencia in Spain, but the Valencia is an all American orange. Although believed to have descended from a Chinese sweet orange cultivar, Valencia Oranges were first hybridized in California. It was there that William Wolfskill, an agronomist and land developer born in Kentucky, created the delicious, modern Valencia Orange.

The Valencia Orange is a sweet summer staple that is available from March through July. It is juicy, has a few seeds, and a thin skin that can be a challenge to peel. Commonly used for juicing, Valencia Orange is a summer citrus that is a great thirst quencher; you can drink it freshly squeezed, blend it into a smoothie, or toss it in a salad.

Aside from its great tasting, sweet, tangy juice it is also a great source of vitamin C, dietary fiber, vitamin A, folate, thiamin, potassium, and calcium.

How to make a?Valencia Orange Refresher Recipe

Prep Time: 3 mins

Ready In: 3 mins


Valencia Orange Juice

Lemon Iced Tea




  1. Put ice in a glass or Mason jar.
  2. Add Valencia Orange juice until it fills ? of container.
  3. Fill the remaining part of container with lemon iced tea.
  4. Mix a teaspoon of sugar into the drink and whisk with a spoon.

Optional: Use orange slices as garnish.

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