Send Some Sunshine to Friends and Relatives in Cold Climates This Winter

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If you have friends and family who live in cold or snowy climates surprise them this winter with a gift of fresh, sunny, Florida citrus fruit. Citrus fruit is a great gift for people who live in cold, dark, snowy climates during the winter. Your friends and family will love getting the gift of sweet, delicious Florida citrus fruit and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you sent them a unique gift that will help them stay healthy all winter. Florida citrus fruit is the perfect gift for your loved ones in snowy or cold climates.

There is a long history of giving oranges and citrus fruits during the winter, primarily around Christmas. In Europe for hundreds of years oranges were prized holiday gifts because they were very hard to get and very expensive. Part of the reason why oranges were given at Christmas time or during other winter holidays was because there were no fresh fruits or vegetables available during the winter months and it was common for people to suffer from illnesses caused by vitamin deficiencies like scurvy, which is an illness caused by a lack of Vitamin C. Vitamin B, Iron, Folate and the other vitamins and minerals that are found in fresh citrus fruit are all critically important to staying healthy and without them people are very susceptible to infection, flu, colds, and viruses.

Those vitamins and minerals are just as important today for keeping people healthy during the cold winter months. Giving your friends and family a citrus fruit gift basket or a fresh fruit assortment is a great way to give them a sweet, healthy treat that will taste great and help them stay healthy. If you live in a cold or snowy climate where it is expensive to get fresh fruit in the winter order a box of fresh citrus fruit for your own household as a winter treat. That way you will never run out of fresh Florida citrus fruit during the winter. There are dozens of ways that you can use fresh citrus juice and fruit in cooking everyday foods so you will never get tired of eating citrus fruit.

Instead of sending your friends and family yet another box of chocolates this year send them some fresh Florida citrus fruit that will delight them and help them stay healthy during the long winter. They will appreciate getting a unique gift that tastes great and reminds them that spring is on the way.

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