Summer Fruit Favorites: Mangos

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Summer is coming…and so is summer fruit! You don’t need to feel bad about saying goodbye to Ruby Red Grapefruit, Grove Navel Oranges, and Honey Sweet Tangerines when you have Farm Fresh Peaches, Sweet Mountain Bing Cherries, Apricots, and Farm Fresh Nectarines to look forward to.

Summer fruit from Hale Groves is a true treat you can look forward to, and in celebration of our summer selections, we’re going to spotlight our deliciously popular South Florida Mangos!

Wait…I can buy Mangos online??

You sure can! Mangos (referred to by some as “queen’s fruit”) used to be a lot harder to get, but Hale Groves’ prized, South Florida Mangos come to you fresh from Florida. Plump and fragrant, our mangos have smooth, golden-red flesh and an amazing flavor that’s sure to please your palate.

Great! So when are Mangos ready to buy?

You can normally expect your first Hale Groves Mango fruit delivery in July (sometimes sooner) and enjoy them all the way through August! Yes, it’s a short season, sadly…so place your South Florida Mango order online early to ensure you won’t miss out on this warm-weather delicacy! Perfect for enjoying on a hot summer’s day, our Mangos aren’t just for eating out of hand, they add amazing tropical flavor to smoothies and main dishes by adding a fresh tanginess that brings balance to sweet desserts and savory dishes.

Are Mangos good for me?

Oh yes…fresh mango benefits your health in so many ways! Mango nutrition benefits include a healthier immune system, lowered risk of heart disease, healthier eyes and skin, and reduced risk of certain cancers. Plus, eating just a single mango gives you three times the recommended daily intake of vitamins A and C and more beta-carotene than any other fruit. They’re also high in energy, low in fat, and a rich source of calcium!

Some great nutritional benefits from eating mangos:

  • Mangos are packed with many vitamins and antioxidants. And consumption of an average-sized mango can fulfill up to two-thirds of the recommended daily need for vitamin C. And antioxidants in mango boost immunity.
  • Mango contains fiber, potassium, and vitamins that help to keep the arteries working and reduce the risk of heart disease. And including mangoes in your diet also helps to reduce body fat and control blood sugar levels. And being a rich source of beta-carotene, mangos reduce the risk of heart diseases.
  • Beta-carotene and vitamin A in mangos improve eye health, as a deficiency of vitamin A may lead to blindness. Mangos are a rich source of zeaxanthin and invariably improve eye health. And lutein in mangoes also helps to improve eye health.
  • Carotenoids, ascorbic acid, terpenoids, polyphenols, and unique antioxidants in mango help to reduce the risk of skin cancer.
  • Mangos provide numerous benefits to the skin including skin hydration, UV rays protection, lighter skin tone, prevention from premature aging, and boosts collagen production, and much more.
  • In a major scientific breakthrough, it was found that mangos may also prevent breast cancer. According to researchers at Texas A&M University, their study shows that mango helps to stop certain colon and breast cancer cells in the lab.

Why should I order my Mangos from Hale Groves?

When you order South Florida Mangos online from Hale Groves, you get a juicy, exotic flavor like you can’t get from grocery store mangos. We take special care in packing our mangos so they arrive in perfect condition!

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