Temple Oranges are a Healthy Easter Alternative

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Easter is an exciting time of the year for kids as they get to join Easter egg hunts and get tons of sweet citrus fruits like Temple Oranges and nutty goodies hidden by parents or neighbors who celebrate Easter. But this holiday is not just for kids; Easter is in fact a worldwide celebration to commemorate the rebirth of Christ or his victory against death.


Christians celebrate Easter Sunday as the day of Christ’s resurrection from the dead, the day when Jesus has risen from his death bed. Although it is a Christian tradition, some claim that this holiday tradition has pagan roots.

The word Easter originated from the name of the pagan Saxon goddess of spring and fertility, Eastre or Eostara. When the early missionaries converted the Saxons, the two celebrations (the pagan custom and the resurrection of Christ) were merged. Now if we think about it, Easter eggs and the Easter Bunny are fertility symbols that are both holdovers from the feast of Eastre. Other commonalities between the two celebrations are the pagans’ joy in the rising sun of spring, which harmonizes with Christians’ joy in the rising of the Son of God, and the bonfires of the pagans equate to the lighting of candles for the Christians.

Today’s Easter

Today we celebrate Easter with much gaiety and merriment. Aside from celebrating the rebirth of Christ, we are also excited for the change of season – from the cold and stark winter to the glorious and melodious spring, which breathes life into plants and gives new birth to animals.

Because we are glad for the great things we have in spring, we also want our kids to enjoy life and have a good time during this season. However, instead of giving out candies and sweets to kids, let us prepare Florida Temple Oranges which are healthier options compared to toothache-inducing munchies.

Temple citrus is a sweet but healthy, easy-to-peel snack that is just right for kids. The Orange Temple has thick skin making it ideal for outdoor eating – the thick rind can protect the flesh from rain, heat, and bruising so even after getting dropped onto the ground the flesh is still good to eat. If you are asking, “do Temple Oranges have seeds?” the answer to that is Orange Temples have few seeds.

Moreover, what makes Temple Oranges a great addition to Easter baskets is the Temple Orange season coincides with the Easter celebration so you can easily buy Temples online from Temple citrus grove websites. Just search for “Temple Oranges near me” and you can easily buy Temples for home online. The good news is you can buy boxes of Temple fruit to fill your Easter basket without worrying about additional fees since groves offer Temple Oranges with free shipping. So instead of buying sweet candies and chocolates, buy delicious and healthy Florida Temple Oranges for Easter.

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