The Best Florida Oranges Can Be Found At Indian River

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There are plenty of great areas in Florida to experience. For the night life and beaches, you can’t beat Miami. For family fun you need to head over to Orlando, the home of Disney World. Further south you can find great vacation spots in Key West. But for the best tasting Florida oranges you simply can’t beat the fruit grown in the Indian River County. The Indian River region is located on the east side of Florida between West Palm Beach and Daytona Beach. When you combine the perfect climate with rich soil you find in this region it’s no wonder that the Florida oranges grown in the Indian River are known the world over.

Orange Trees

The best Florida oranges are picked from the Indian River trees that are at least three years old. As an orange tree grows up, the number of fruit it produces each year also increases. For instance a three year old Florida orange tree might get you one box of fruit while a fifteen year old tree could net you up to five boxes. If you treat a Florida orange tree with plenty of TLC it will reward you with delectable fruit for years to come.

Orange Varieties

When it comes to picking out the perfect Florida orange, you’ll have many varieties to choose from. The most common is the juice orange. These are thin-skinned citrus that are an abundant juice of the sweet juice. These can be picked off the tree and squeezed right into your glass.

Navel Oranges are so named because of their distinct “dimple” at the base. Many folks consider this variety of Florida oranges to be the best eating kind because they are very easy to peel and are a decent size.

Navel and juice are the most popular type of Florida oranges sold but for a different variety many people have discovered the sweet tasting Honeybell oranges. They got their name because of their classic bell shape and savory flavor. The best way to experience a Honeybell is to get them in season which only in January. Knowing this, savvy consumers order a year in advance for a hefty bunch of Honeybells.
Two other sweet tasting varieties of Florida oranges are the Valencia and Temple oranges. Like the juice oranges, these types have seeds but they are larger in size. The bigger the orange the more the juice and the more the flavor!

Hybrid Oranges

Florida oranges grown in the Indian River are also available in “hybrid” versions. These are distinct types of oranges that have been cross pollinated with other varieties to produce a fruit rich in nectar and taste. The Tangelo is a delightful blending of a tangerine and a grapefruit. When you combine those two tastes you’re in store for amazing sensation.

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