The Best Fruit Gifts for Each Season

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Fruit gifts are great for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and other occasions but the best fruit gifts vary from season to season depending on which types of citrus fruits are in season. Not all citrus fruits are in season at all times. Each season brings with it a few particular types of citrus fruits that are unique to that season. There is a strong focus on eating seasonal food right now both as a way to help the environment and to fight obesity and combat food boredom. Families are being encourages to eat seasonal foods and teach their kids about farming based on what foods are available to them wherever they live during each season of the year. So giving seasonal fruit gifts is a great way to support the seasonal food movement and give your family members and friends delicious treats they will love. Here is a quick breakdown of what fruit gifts are available during each season so you can plan the fruit gifts you want to give during each season:

Fall/Winter: Since many growing seasons overlap there are often several types of citrus fruits available during one season. Navel oranges are generally available in the fall, starting in late October. Grapefruit are also in season during the Fall/Winter. Winter is when most specialty fruits like Clementines and exotic Honeybells will come into season. Both Clementine and Honeybell fruit gifts should be pre-ordered since there are limited quantities of both available each year and they tend to sell out very quickly. If you want to give Honeybell fruit gifts for the holidays you should order them now to be sure you order early enough to get some of the limited crop of this popular fruit. Navel oranges and grapefruit will be available until late winter usually, depending on the weather.

Spring/Summer: Clementines are often available until very early Spring. Valencia oranges are the most popular summer fruit because they are tangy and very juicy. Valencia oranges are perfect for summer parties and picnics and Valencia orange fruit gifts are very popular for summer birthdays and wedding and baby showers. Grapefruit is available until late June and Valencia oranges will be available until the end of summer, so you can send Valencia orange fruit gifts to all your friends and family members and enjoy them yourself until the fall comes around again.

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