Top fruits to serve at your Fourth of July picnic

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Top fruits to serve at your Fourth of July picnic: Mangos, Cherries, Peaches

There’s nothing quite like Independence Day with friends, family and the colorful splash of seasonal fruit to make summer gatherings even more festive. Hale Groves offers the preferred way to enjoy fresh fruit? delivered directly to your doorstep from our orchards. Try these 3 ways to enjoy your Fourth of July festivities even more while tantalizing those hardcore foodies in your life:

1. Florida Mangos: For gatherings under the warm, blue skies, nothing tops our prized fresh mangos. Fragrant as summer itself, and as glowing as a Florida sunset, these big, plump fruits have smooth golden flesh and a rich satisfying flavor that leave connoisseurs raving. What?s more, we select only the best, fresh mango and rush them to you.

2. Georgia Peaches: Leave it to the fruit experts at Hale Groves to source sweet Georgia peaches for sale. We?re hard at work growing, picking, packing and shipping nothing but the best quality fruit for the folks who love it most. Whether you enjoy your peaches baked into a cobbler or served fresh, order peaches online now, and enjoy a box of peaches with friends!

3. Rainier Cherries: These lustrous, long-stemmed gourmet cherries are cultivated in the unique, high-altitude Washington State orchards. It?s here where clear, starry nights and cold mountain snow melt produce crisper, more delicious cherries than any you’ve ever tasted. We select only the top few percent of Rainier cherries for sale that meet Hale’s stringent standards for quality. Then they?re specially cushion-packed and rushed direct to your door.

Whether you?re hosting your own festivities or attending someone else?s, nothing says summer and friendship like sweet, succulent mangoes, peach gifts or fresh cherries delivered from your friends here at Hale Groves.

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