When are Valencia Oranges in Season?

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Hey, orange lovers! Are you feeling a little down because winter citrus season is coming to an end? Navel Oranges, Cara Cara Oranges, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Honeybells, Tangerines and more…all your favorites will soon be going away until late next fall. You won’t be able to enjoy oranges or other citrus fruits before then unless they’re imported…right?

Wrong! While it’s true that most well-known citrus fruits are harvested in the wintertime in North America, there are domestic varieties of oranges in season during the summer months. The best-known of these are Valencia Oranges (you can buy Valencia Oranges from Hale Groves, by the way).

What are Valencia Oranges?

While many of the United States’ most popular orange varieties hail from Florida, Valencia Oranges were originally grown in California.

Florida Valencia Oranges (which were named after the city of Valencia in Spain) are medium-sized oranges with thin, bright orange, finely textured rinds that are somewhat difficult to peel. Unlike Navel Oranges, Valencia Oranges have seeds, but the delicious taste of these gorgeous oranges will almost make you forget how healthy they are! Packed full of rich vitamins and minerals, these decadent fruits make an amazing juicy treat.

Valencia Oranges are the Best Juicing Oranges

Valencia oranges are very juicy and have the perfect ratio of sweet-tart flavor, making them great juicing oranges. The juice is refreshing and can be stored for a long time since the natural compound Limonin, which turns the fruit bitter, is found in the seeds and not in the flesh.

It’s because of their popularity as juicing oranges that make Valencia’s harder to find (at least, when they still have the peels on them). Most commercially grown Valencia Oranges are juiced and sold in bottles and cartons. That’s why you’re best bet is to order them from Hale Groves!

When you shop Valencia Oranges from Hale Groves, you’ll find them affordable and high quality. Just make sure to order early so you don’t miss out!

When are Valencia Oranges Available?

Valencia Oranges’ peak season happens to fall during one of the most gorgeous times of the year: spring. Available starting anywhere from early March to October, these oranges are the perfect start to summertime.

You can usually buy Valencia Oranges online from Hale Groves beginning in June! Hale Groves Valencia Oranges are so full, bright, and tasty that they require a bit more time on the trees to grow. This means the oranges soak in even more sunshine and natural sugars than almost any other fruit as they come to maturity. These makes these oranges perfect for breakfast, snacks or juicing on any given day.

You can also pre-order Valencia oranges online and get them delivered to you straight from the Grove. Buying fruits directly from farms is better than buying them from grocery stores since fruits are only picked when they’re at their peak.

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