The Arrival of the Florida Peach

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Hale Groves Petite Florida Peaches are here! Firm and juicy, these beauties bring you the sweet taste of summer early. With Florida-grown fruit, you don’t have to wait until summer to order peaches!

Grown in the Sunshine State, Hale peaches are available starting in March, so if you’re missing summer peaches too much to wait, you can buy peaches online during the spring through the month of May!

What Kind of Peaches are Petite Florida Peaches?

Petite Florida Peaches are just as tasty as Hale Groves’ own Orchard Fresh Peaches and Sweet Georgia Peaches! Like these other two varieties, they have a wonderful sweet flavor and are very juicy. You will notice a couple of differences, though:

  • Petite Florida Peaches are a bit smaller than your average peach. Don’t let that worry you, though – the size of these palm-sized beauties makes them supremely portable!
  • The flesh of a Petite Florida Peach is firmer than other summer peach varieties. Usually, the firmer-fleshed peaches (which are typically not as sweet in flavor as other peach varieties) are reserved for canning. That “less sweet” rule doesn’t apply to Petite Florida Peaches, however, so if you like a peach with a little more substance to it, these may be just what you’re looking for. Their firmer flesh also makes them great candidates for grilling and baking.
  • Petite Florida Peaches tend to be redder than other varieties. It’s true – the constant Florida sunshine provides a peach that’s more red than gold. Don’t let that worry you, though – the flavor of the peach is totally unaffected by its color.

When are Petite Florida Peaches in Season?

That’s the great news – with a season that begins in early March and goes through May, you get to enjoy the summery sweetness of fresh peaches three months earlier than you normally would! And just when Petite Florida Peach Season ends, Sweet Georgia Peach season begins, followed by Orchard Fresh Peach season. All this means that you get to enjoy fresh peaches for more than half the year!

Where Can I find Petite Florida Peaches for Sale?

Why, at Hale Groves, of course! Petite Florida Peaches from Hale Groves are always perfectly fresh and perfectly sweet, unlike any peaches you’ll find in chain stores. They make wonderful gifts, too. So, extend peach season by ordering fresh peaches from Florida for yourself or someone special – they’re a delicious, healthy and wonderful way to care for your body!

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