What are the best fruit gift baskets?

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Many would share the opinion that spring is the most beautiful season. Various natural colors and scents of blooms make this season truly magical. The season also offers great flavors since it?s the time when some of the most popular fruits taste best. It?s a great idea to visit your local market or have your favorite online shop mail fruit baskets to you. Here are some of our recommendations if you?re interested in ordering a fruit basket for yourself, or wish to send a fresh fruit basket as a gift.

Spring Easter Basket ($39.99)

This bundle of Easter treats was put together for both kids and kids at heart. The combination of gourmet oranges and delectable sweets we?ve selected includes top quality grove navel oranges and honey sweet tangerines. There are also creamy milk chocolate Easter eggs together with delightful Jelly Belly Beans. To further compliment this assorted fruit and candy arrangement, we also included honey roasted peanuts and toasted coconut cookies. All this in a hand-crafted green and white basket.


  • 5 Grove Navel Oranges
  • 5 Honey-Sweet Tangerines
  • 3 oz Choc Chip Cookies
  • 5 oz Honey Roasted Peanuts
  • Milk chocolate Easter eggs
  • 6 oz Jelly Belly Beans
  • Green and white Basket with Handle

Sunshine Basket ($39.99)

Some of the best citrus is harvested during springtime, and that?s what we kept in mind when putting together this basket of fruits. It includes our best selling navel oranges, which are great for juicing or eating out of hand. Ruby Red Grapefruit is famed as a superfruit since not only is this tangy citrus tasty, it?s antioxidant-rich flesh also adds serious health benefits. Add some super sweet honey tangerines and place them all in a hand-woven basket and you get our Sunshine Basket.

Easter Delights Basket ($79.99)

Spring has always been associated with abundance, so sending gift fruit in spring is both timely and a nice gesture of goodwill. This fruit basket is perfect if you?re having people over for an Easter party. We are very proud of our oranges and other citrus, and we?ve included choice selections from our spring harvest. Add in an assortment of sweets and delectable baked goodies and you?ll have the perfect addition to a grand spread.


  • 6 Grove Navel Oranges
  • 3 Ruby Red Grapefruit
  • 4 Honey Sweet Tangerines
  • 5 oz Deluxe Mixed Nuts
  • 6 oz Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • 4 oz Foil-wrapped Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs
  • 6 oz Jelly Belly Beans
  • 5 oz Florida Orange Marmalade
  • 5 oz Orange Blossom Honey
  • Wooden Honey Dipper
  • 8 oz Chocolate covered Coconut Patties
  • Easter tea towel
  • Rectangular tray basket with jute handles

Spring Market Basket ($99.99)

If you usually place treats and fruit orders in bulk, then this is the perfect fruit basket for you. Our Spring Market Basket is 19 pounds-worth of a selection of choice Grove Oranges, our famed Ruby Red Grapefruits, and Honey Sweet Tangerines. Complementing these gourmet fruits are two tin containers of Key Lime and Chocolate Cookies as well as an assortment of Jelly Beans, Milk Cholates, Honeybell Candies, and deluxe mixed nuts. This is great to share in the office, or as a treat for your family.

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