What does Grapefruit taste like?

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Citrus has a signature flavor. With just one bite you can automatically identify the fruit as citrus. The same can be said about Grapefruit. You will find the same brightness and crispness of flavor in all varieties, be it white Grapefruit, pink Grapefruit or red Grapefruit. Although much more tart with a tinge of bitterness, Grapefruits share a similar taste and acidity with oranges; I guess it can’t be helped since Grapefruits originated as a hybrid of pumelo and sweet orange.

Grapefruit vs. Orange

Some people say that Grapefruit is an acquired taste. The white bitter pith that covers the fruit and its tart taste may be off-putting to some, because we are more accustomed to the perfectly balanced sweet-tangy flavor of its orange cousin. But come to think of it, the bitterness in white, pink and red Grapefruits is balance – the sharp flavor that makes the sweetness taste even better.

White, Pink or Red?

Grapefruits come in different colors with flavors ranging from tart and intense to sweet and mild.  But did you know that the white or yellow Grapefruit was the first variety that was introduced in the United States and that it did not receive a warm welcome and acceptance from a population that had a taste for sweeter citrus produce?

Back in 1823, before sugar was readily available, people who had first tasted the Orange Grapefruit decided they couldn’t stand the too sour and bitter taste of the fruit. A few decades later, an amazing thing happened and the acrid white Grapefruit gave birth to pink Grapefruit. Although they tasted pretty much the same, the pink-colored Grapefruit had gained some popularity points to the not-so-loved Grapefruit.

Come 1929, a new mutation that changed history was discovered. The new Grapefruit red variety swept the nation off its feet because it boasted of red flesh that tasted sweet, unlike its predecessors. The Ruby Red Grapefruit won the crowd over and just a decade after its first discovery, the commercial grapefruit industry in Texas was built.

Although they taste different, the nutritional content of white, pink and red Grapefruit varieties is pretty much the same. All of them, including Ruby Red Grapefruits, are low in calories, cholesterol-free, high in dietary fiber, and filled with nutritious vitamins and minerals. Over the years, the Department of Agriculture, along with nurseries and horticulturist, has developed stellar Grapefruit varieties that are much juicier and sweeter than the previous varieties. Thanks to them, more and more people enjoying Grapefruits and take advantage of the health benefits this fruit brings.

Grapefruit Season

Grapefruits grown in Arizona, like Marsh, hit the market from January through August, while Oroblanco from California is in season in early winter. Grapefruits from Florida and Texas like the Red Ruby Grapefruit are in season from October through June.

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