What Fruits Contain the Most Juice?

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Orange juice

There’s been a growing trend in cold-pressed juicing in recent years. Most people view it as an easy way to get in their daily allotment of fruits and vegetables, which can be very helpful in our busy culture. While nothing beats the benefits of eating whole fruits (fewer calories, less sugar, more fiber), juicing is a great alternative for loading up on essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and fibers that your body needs. Plus, it’s a good way to use up the excess fruit in your citrus gift basket!

Most fruits are appropriate for juicing, but some are better than others when it comes to yield and nutrient density. Below is a list of five fruits you’ll find at Hale Groves which make great candidates for tossing into your juicer no matter what time of year it is:


No Hale Groves citrus delivery would be complete without oranges! Grove Navels, Cara Caras, summer-grown Valencias…all are delicious, all offer their own unique benefits, and all are packed with the vitamin C citrus fruits are famous for. The sweet-tart flavor and seedlessness of the Grove Navel can’t be beat, while the pink-fleshed Cara Car contains lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that’s been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. When it comes to pure juiciness, though, nothing can beat the juice-filled Valencia, which maintains its sweetness after juicing longer than any other orange. Whichever variety you opt to try, all are natural immune system boosters that make oranges of all kinds one of the world’s most popular juicing fruits.


Hale Groves is famous for all its citrus fruit, but probably our most famous is our Ruby Red Grapefruit. Known for its beautiful rosy flesh and never-needs-added-sugar sweetness, our Ruby Reds are the star of every citrus basket. But don’t overlook our classic Sweet White Grapefruit, which has so much juice our customers tell us they need a bib when eating it! And nothing could be more visually appealing than juice from our Dazzling Deep Red Grapefruit – except maybe for its intense grapefruit flavor. Grapefruit of all varieties are wonderful for juicing because its juice is rich in disease-fighting antioxidants like vitamin C and the compound naringin. (Do make sure to check with your doctor before adding grapefruit juice to your diet on a regular basis, however, as it interacts with some medications.)


Between our Petite Florida Peaches, Sweet Georgia Peaches, and Orchard Fresh Peaches, Hale Groves ensures you can enjoy peaches from late March to early September! There’s nothing like biting into a sweet, juicy peach, but did you know they’re great for juicing, too? Refreshing and packed with a multitude of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, sweet peach juice can help improve your skin tone, promote a healthy heart, lower your risk of getting cancer, improve your vision, aid your digestion, and help you lose weight. It even helps reduce allergies – a huge plus for a summer treat! You don’t even have to peel your peaches before juicing them if you don’t feel like it.


Mango juice is delicious, rich, and sweet. It’s great mixed into lemonade, blended with strawberries, made into smoothies, or even as a sweetener in desserts. Be careful with mangoes, though. Peel them thoroughly before throwing them in the juicer, or you could be exposed to urushiol, a toxin in the skin also found in poison ivy. Once the skin is off, you’re in the clear. The antioxidants in mangoes are known to boost eye health and can fight asthma and diabetes.


You’ll have to wait until fall to order apples from Hale Groves, but the lovely, Orchard Fresh Apples online we offer are like none you’ll find anywhere else. Apples are one of the world’s favorite juicing fruits because they’re packed with fiber and potassium and are known for their anti-inflammatory and allergy-fighting properties. Juice your excess apple to enjoy warm cider, brew hard cider, or just to enjoy a cold, refreshing drink.

Start Juicing!

As stated above, most fruits are good for juicing; this list just gives you a good place to start if you’re new to the process. Enjoy the juice of the above fruits alone or mix and match them with one another or other fruits or veggies for a unique taste sensation. A healthier alternative to sugar-laden sodas and energy drinks, fruit juice is an excellent source of nutrients. In moderation, fruit juice can be a beneficial part of a healthy diet as long as you are mindful of the sugar content and limit your intake to one or two cups daily.

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