What to Pair with Plums: Delicious Combinations

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What Goes Well with Plums?

Have you been indulging your taste buds this summer with fresh, tangy-sweet plums? Plum season takes on new meaning in September, when Empress Plums are ready to eat! Empress Plums are the best plums when it comes to cooking (and eating fresh, too, but we may be biased). If you’ve never tried cooking with plums, we recommend you start – it’s easy to incorporate plums in a wide variety of dishes from sweet to savory, and you’re sure to love them! Not sure how to get started? Read on for some great plum tips for livening up your desserts and main dishes!

Easy Ways to Use Plums

If you’re not accustomed to cooking fruit and feeling a bit intimidated, start by adding fresh plums to your favorite dishes. Plums are wonderful on their own, but they also add bright, tangy flavor to salads, yogurt and cereal.

If you’ve ever grilled peaches, pineapples or nectarines, grilling plums is just as easy – simply slice them in half, remove the stone, and grill them with a drizzle of honey before adding them to your salad or dessert (you can do this when you roast them, too). Grilled and roasted plums also make a great accompaniment to roasted meats. Pork chops with grilled plums makes a perfect summer dinner!

Ever thought of making a plum sauce to serve over pork or poultry dishes? Plum sauce is easy to make – simply purée some plums along with your favorite spices. Puréed plums also serve as a great base for smoothies and chilled soups.

Like most stone fruits, plums are a natural when it comes to desserts. Plum crumble is super-easy to make (try adding cardamom and some pistachios to give it a boost of flavor and texture), and any dessert that calls for peaches (pies, crumbles, etc.) is just as yummy with plums.

Food Pairing Ideas Using Plums

Not sure what flavors to use with plums? Or maybe you just feel like experimenting…if you’re a creative cook, here are some ideas for using fresh or cooked plums in various dishes.

  • Plums and other fruits. Plums go well with other stone fruits (i.e. peaches, nectarines, cherries, apricots) as well as citrus fruits (i.e. oranges and lemons) and red berries (i.e. raspberries and strawberries).
  • Plums and nuts. Try pairing plums in a salad or crumble with almonds, hazelnuts, pecans or walnuts.
  •  Herbs and spices that complement plums. In dishes that include plums, try adding cinnamon, black pepper, cloves, ginger, mint, nutmeg, allspice, cardamom, bay leaf, coriander, vanilla extract, almond extract, sage and/or thyme.
  • Plums and greens. Plums go great in salads! Try them with arugula, spinach or romaine.
  • Plums plus meat and fish. Plums go famously with duck and pork, but they also complement prosciutto, chicken and (in some cases) salmon.
  • Plums and cheese. Putting out a charcuterie board for guests? Plums go well with creamy cheeses like goat cheese, brie and camembert.
  • Plums and alcoholic beverages. For a more grownup spread that includes fresh or cooked plums, serve red or dessert wine, bourbon, brandy, rum or whiskey.
  • Miscellaneous flavorings. If you’re trying to come up with a delectable dessert using plums, you can’t go wrong with honey, vanilla, maple syrup or crème fraiche.
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