What Happens to Your Body When You Consume Fruit?

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Fruit is sweet, flavorful, delicious – a perfect snack, alone or in smoothies, salads, or your favorite recipes. But it’s also supremely good for you! We know that processed, sugar snacks are hard on the body, leading to increased risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and more. Snacking on fruit instead not only helps you avoid these risks – it actively lowers them.

When you eat a serving of fruit, your body will:

  • Get a surge of energy. There’s a reason we often crave a candy bar or a bottle of soda in the mid-afternoons. If you’ve been working since the morning, lunch is a couple of hours behind you, and dinner a couple of hours ahead, your blood sugar might be low and your energy will start to flag.This is why we crave sugar snacks – the carbohydrates in them boosts our blood sugar, giving us a burst of energy. The problem with cookies, candy, soda, and other processed sweet treats, however, is that the simple sugars they contain don’t make our bodies work to process them. This means a sudden surge of energy followed by a swift “crash,” leaving you feeling more tired than ever.

    The natural sugars in fresh fruit result in a more gradual increase in blood sugar, followed by a slower, steadier decrease. This means the energy you get from a serving or two of fruit will help keep you going to the end of the workday without the dreaded sugar crash.

  • Get a rise in hydration levels. In today’s society, many of us are walking around in a partial state of dehydration without knowing it. You can be thirsty without even realizing it – the body often interprets thirst as hunger or weariness.If you’re feeling thirsty, tired, or hungry, grab something from that basket of fruit on the counter and you’ll soon feel better! All fruits have a high water content with can bring your hydration levels up quickly. This makes a citrus fruit, apple, or other fruit the perfect after-workout pick-me-up or hot-weather snack.
  • Feel fuller. If you’re in the habit of order fruit boxes for yourself from Hale Groves, then you know that nothing beats fruit when it comes to a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. Not only is it low-calories and full of vitamins and minerals, it’s also rich in fiber and water – both of which stave off hunger pains so waiting for your meals isn’t a hardship. So next time your stomach is grumbling but you’ve got an hour or so before lunchtime, reach for a sweet treat from the fruit baskets in the kitchen or breakroom – your body will thank you!
  • Find it easier to fight off sicknesses. Fruits of all kinds are packed with antioxidants, which boost your immune system, decrease inflammation, and help you fight off disease. Eating a diet high in fruits can help reduce your risk of developing cancer, heart disease, diabetes, inflammation, and even the common cold. Plus, the better the quality of the fruit, the better it is for you – the fruit for sale you’ll find at Hale Groves is far superior to what you’ll find in a local grocery chain.
  • Perform better. Eating fruit helps your body to work more efficiently. That’s because it’s loaded with essential nutrients your body needs to function. Fruit helps your bones and muscles stay strong, aids in digestion, is beneficial for your eyes, regulates your blood pressure and blood sugar, and keeps your skin and hair looking great. This is why fruit arrangements make such loving gifts – if you’re looking for fruit to send to someone you love, visit Hale Groves to find the best fresh fruit gifts!
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