What Makes Pink Grapefruit Special

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Want to make sure you’re always feeling in the pink? Add pink grapefruit to your diet! Here’s the scoop on this fabulous citrus fruit:

Health Benefits of Grapefruit

We might be biased at Hale Groves, but we sometimes think grapefruit should be renamed greatfruit! Known for its abundance of vitamin C, grapefruit benefits are many, including improved cardiac and respiratory systems, improved digestion, and even healthy hair and skin.

The pink grapefruit is praised for its abundance of vitamin C, as well as a handful of other vitamins such as vitamins and B.

  • If you’ve wondered is grapefruit good for you, wonder no more – grapefruit is the perfect fruit if you need to boost your vitamin C intake. This immune-boosting vitamin will help you keep colds at bay.
  • When many people think “grapefruit,” weight loss comes to mind first, and no wonder – grapefruit is very low in calories (just 52 calories per serving), and there are only 13g of carbs in grapefruit. You don’t have to go on a so-called grapefruit diet, but if your metabolism is a little sluggish, help it to ramp up with a daily serving – grapefruit has a natural enzyme in it that will tell your body to burn fat for fuel, which will in turn help you maintain a healthy weight.
  • You can dramatically reduce your chances of having a stroke and lower your blood pressure by eating a serving of grapefruit every day. Studies have shown that eating grapefruit regularly can reduce your bad cholesterol by 15%.
  • Is grapefruit juice good for you? Yes indeed – grapefruit juice benefits your sleep! A glass is full of the sleep-supporting chemical known as tryptophan, which is also found in turkey.
  • Need some hydration? Grapefruit contains a lot of water – in fact, the fruit is 88% water.

Why Pink Grapefruit is Even Better For You

All grapefruit is good for you, but pink and red grapefruit have significant health benefits that white grapefruit doesn’t have – benefits that can help you fight off serious diseases and lower your risk of developing some kinds of cancer.

Where does this something extra come from? It comes from the same place that gives pink and ruby red grapefruit its unique color: Lycopene.

Lycopene can do amazing things for your body, including lowering your risk of heart disease, inhibiting the growth of tumors, and destroying pre-cancerous cells before cancer develops. Medical researchers have found that the Lycopene can even help treat some types of lung cancer and prostate cancer.

You can order delicious fresh pink grapefruit from independent growers in Florida who are famous for the quality and great taste of their citrus fruit.

Ordering a large box of pink grapefruit and Ruby red grapefruit is a fantastic way to make sure that you have plenty of grapefruit on hand to eat every day and to make sure that you don’t get bored eating just one type of grapefruit every day. Ruby red grapefruit has a lot of the same health benefits as pink grapefruit because both contain one key ingredient which is Lycopene.

How to Eat Grapefruit

Grapefruit has its own utensil named after it! A grapefruit spoon (also known as a grapefruit knife, though “spoon” is a more accurate description) is a spoon with a serrated edge that makes separating the flesh from the rind.

Grapefruit is wonderful to eat fresh, but it’s also a great addition to recipes. Not just for breakfast, the citrus burst of grapefruit is delicious in fruit salads, with seafood, or in cocktails. The citrus fruit is a perfect combination of sweet, tart, and mouthwateringly delicious. Red and pink grapefruit’s gorgeous color lends itself beautifully to desserts, too!

In Conclusion: What is Grapefruit Good For 

Pink grapefruit have a lot of benefits in addition to having Lycopene. Pink grapefruit is a very low-calorie fruit, with less than one hundred calories per fruit. And just like oranges and other citrus fruits, pink grapefruit are full of healthy antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that your body needs in order to function as well as possible. Start eating pink grapefruit today to protect your health!

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