What Makes Vidalia Onions So Unique

By : | On : March 10, 2013 | Category : Fruit Facts

Vidalia onions are a unique species of onion that is grown only in Toombs County, GA and several other counties in southern Georgia. Vidalia onions are used in many different types of dishes including fried onion rings. What makes these onions different from other types of onions is the lighter and almost sweet taste of the onions. Most types of onions are hot, sharp and pungent. Vidalia onions are mild and sweet. That makes them ideal for cooking because many people who cannot tolerate other types of onions can eat Vidalia onions. These onions provide great flavor without overpowering other flavors in a dish. Vidalia onions are also unique because of their history.

During the Great Depression, farmers were searching for any crop they could grow that would bring a good price. Before the Great Depression not too many farmers grew onions because there wasn’t a large profit in growing onions. But Mose Coleman, a Toombs County farmer, noticed that the onions he grew had a taste that wasn’t like any other type of onion. The low sulphur content in the Georgia soil produced onions that were milder and sweet instead of sharp and hot. These special regional onions began to show up installs at the Vidalia Farmer Market. As more and more people tried these special onions their popularity grew quickly. They were often called Vidalia onions because they were sold at the Vidalia farmer’s market and the name stuck. A Georgia based grocery store that had a major distribution center in Vidalia started selling the onions in their stores all across the state which made the popularity of the onions skyrocket. Vidalia onions stayed a regional delicacy for a long time, but in the 1970’s, farmers banded together to push for a national advertising campaign and legislation that would protect the Vidalia name and protect the famers who depended on the onions. After that the onions came to be in huge demand all over the country.

Now Vidalia onions are one of the prized crops of Georgia and Georgia farmers devote a lot of growing land to producing Vidalia onions. Home chefs and restaurant chefs alike use these unique Georgia onions every day in dozens of different ways to create flavorful and healthy dishes. Vidalia onions are one of the things that Georgia residents are proud to claim as a Georgia original.

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