When are Tangerines in Season?

By : | On : December 29, 2016 | Category : Fruit Facts

The first-choice fruit for children, sweet and easy to eat tangerines will become a favorite for the whole family. Tangerines are a unique citrus with a heavenly and flavorfully sweet flesh.

Hale Groves? tangerines, with their smaller-than-an-orange appearance and an almost too-easily peeled thin skin, have a wide harvesting window from early November to mid-April, and they are the perfect gift for a friend, neighbor or even as a treat for yourself and your family.

Hale?s Treasure Coast Tangerines are a favorite among customers, and harvesters pick the citrus with extreme care to then be expertly packed and shipped for you to enjoy.

Tangy Tangerines Available for Purchase

Bright and bursting with sweet citrus flavor, Hale Groves Tangerines are tiny treats that deliver big taste. Order our delectable, juicy Tangerines for someone special today!
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