When are Valencia’s in Season?

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Beat the heat this summer with Valencia oranges!

Valencias are summer season oranges that are typically available from March thru September and are the perfect orange for juicing because of their full, balanced and bursting sweet-tart flavor, succulent flesh and bright-colored pulps and juice.  The bold and refreshing zest makes Valencia oranges great for eating right off the rind although they are a little harder to peel compared to other orange varieties as the rind is somewhat more tightly adhered to the flesh. To top that off Florida Valencia oranges are typically seedless or have very few if any seends to slow you down.

Fun Facts About Valencia Oranges

  • The Valencia orange is named after the city of Valencia in Spain. Although named after the said city, this variety is an all-American citrus fruit that has undergone a backcross hybridization performed by the American-turned-Mexican agronomist William Wolfskill.
  • Because of its great quality and popularity, Valencia oranges played an important role in the history of California. It became the driving force behind the naming of Valencia, California and Orange County.
  • When you buy Hale Valencia oranges you do not only get to enjoy a tasty snack or premium juice, you also get essential nutrients and vitamins:
  1. 116% of the daily value of vitamin C.
  2. 13% of dietary fiber.
  3. Other nutrients include: 10% folate, 8% thiamin, 7% potassium, 6% vitamin A and 5% calcium.
  • The Valencia Orange is the most popular orange juice in the entire United States because of its irresistible bright-orange color and the right balance of tart and sweet.
  • More than 50 per cent of Florida’s orange crop is made up of Valencia oranges, with most of them getting juiced for the world’s orange juice industry/market.
  • Storing Valencia oranges is not a problem since fruit can stay on the tree for up to 6 months (this can actually improve the taste) and can be kept in the fridge for 2 weeks after harvested.
  • If you cannot find this orange in your local farmer’s market or grocery store (which very seldom happens), you can easily find and purchase Valencia oranges online. What makes buying this fruit online a wonderful option is that you can rest assured that the fruit is fresh from the grove. This quality fresh fruit will be delivered right to your door so you don’t have to take time to make a trip to or fight the crowds at your local market to get ahold of this yummy treat.

Purchase Valencia Oranges

One of the secrets to growing a naturally sweet vitamin-rich Valencia Orange is that it requires more time on the tree to come to full maturity. Longer on the tree means it soaks up more sunshine and natural sugars than any other citrus fruit variety. Perfect for fresh eating, sectioning, or juicing for everyday breakfast.
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