When Are Vidalia Onions Available

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vidalia-onions-georgia-giftSweet Georgia Vidalia Onions, which lack the kick and harsh taste that other summer onions have, are the perfect addition to any summertime and remarkably tasty dishes. Vidalias are considered to be among the most versatile vegetables available during the summer months and are one of Georgia’s prized crops, having developed a reputation as the “world’s sweetest onion.”

For an onion to be labeled “Vidalia” it must be grown in a specified region in Georgia, where it has been proclaimed as the official state vegetable. Vidalia Onions are available between April and November. Interestingly, the sweet onion seedbeds are planted in September, just when the last Vidalias are being sold online or at the local stores. The planting starts the year-round cycle again for diligent Vidalia growers. During transplanting, which happens in phases from November to January, seedlings are inserted by hand into the soil where they are nurtured by rainwater or complex irrigation systems. This famous seasonal treat is not only hand planted but hand harvested as well.

From cookouts to picnics, Vidalia Onions are frequently seen atop freshly grilled burgers and other appetizing foods. Their mild, sweet and crisp nature allow them to be cooked in a multitude of ways like Vidalia Onion cornbread muffins, sweet onion casseroles, and many delicious dips and toppings. The onions are fat-free, low in calories and a good source of vitamin C.

Hale Groves carefully selects the best tasting and perfect sweet Vidalia Onions for our customers who return year after year to buy Vidalia Onions for their enjoyment during the spring and summer months. You can buy onions online between May and June, we then carefully pack and ship these delicious onions directly to your home. You’ll want to stock up on this summer staple.

You’ll want to stock up on this summer staple so here’s a tip– to preserve the sweet onions for a long period of time, wrap them separately in paper towels and refrigerate. It is important to keep Vidalia Onions cool and dry whenever storing. You won’t shed a tear with the Vidalia Onion, the best tasting gourmet onions you’ve ever had!


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