Where are Bing Cherries Grown?

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Sweet cherry season is almost here, and how sweet it is! Some of the sweetest cherries are Bing Cherries. Bing Cherries are heart-shaped, big and juicy with dark red (almost purple) peels and dark-red flesh interiors (in most cases, the darker the flesh, the sweeter the cherry). But what is it that makes Bing Cherries such “sweethearts?”

Location, Location, Location!

You know how citrus trees need a warm climate with few or no extended winter freezes to thrive? The opposite is true for sweet cherry trees: many cherry trees (such as the Bing cherry tree) need significant “chill” time (between 32-45°F) each winter to thrive.

Northwest-grown sweet cherries, on average, boast the highest fruit sugar content of any cherries, and Bing Cherries especially are known for their naturally high sugar content. This is due to a number of unique characteristics of the growing region. Nutrient-rich volcanic soil, along with more sunlight in the Northwest, creates an optimum growing environment making for high-quality and extra-sweet fresh cherries. Bing Cherries enjoy an extended time hanging on the tree, which is when fruit accumulates sugar. The unique climate is also essential to the high-quality production, striking the perfect balance of warm summer days to ripen the fruit and cool nights to let the trees “rest.”

When are Cherries in Season?

In the Pacific Northwest, cherry season typically lasts from June until the end of August, depending on the early summer temperatures. Bing Cherry season is often even shorter, with a harvest time between June and July. This is because growing regions scattered throughout the Pacific Northwest offer small differences in microclimate which allow cherries throughout the region to ripen at different times through the season.

Where Can I find Bing Cherries for Sale?

When you pre-order Sweet Mountain Bing Cherries from Hale Groves, you’re in for one of the freshest produce items available! We’re generally harvesting, packing and shipping cherries to you within of day or two of you placing your order. The ensures that, all season long, our Bing Cherries are never more than a few days away from the tree.

Are Cherries Good for You?

There’s so much to love about Bing Cherries! Cherries are perfect for anyone who is looking for natural sweetness without adding more sugar to their diet. One serving provides 12% of your recommended daily intake of fiber and phytonutrients along with potassium and vitamin C.

Here are just a few things adding Bing Cherries to your summer diet can do for you:

  • Bing Cherries are rich in potassium, which may reduce the risk of hypertension and stoke and contribute to a healthy blood pressure.
  • Bing Cherries contain four components – fiber, vitamin C, anthocyanins and cartenoids – that have been linked to cancer prevention. The anthocyanins work double-duty to also help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Evidence has shown Bing Cherries have compounds that may reduce the risk of diabetes and inflammation.
  • Bing Cherries are a great source of polyphenols which, along with vitamin C, is essential to maintaining skin health.
  • A natural source of melatonin, eating a serving of Bing Cherries an hour before you go to bed may help you sleep better.

What to do with Bing Cherries

Bing Cherries are so sweet and good, they’re perfect as a stand-alone snack! Here are some other, easy ways you can enjoy them:

  • Add Bing Cherries to your morning oatmeal with your choice of nuts
  • Add Bing Cherries to your favorite smoothie along with a heaping portion of greens
  • Add sliced Bing Cherries to your salad
  • Make a cherry-based ice cream or a sweet cherry compote to add to your yogurt
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