Why Indian River Fruit is the Most Popular Gift

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honeybell-oranges-grapefruitHave you wondered why the most popular gift fruit is always Indian River fruit? That’s because Indian River fruit is the best tasting fruit that you can buy. When people want to give fruit gifts that are the best money can buy they know that the best gift fruit available is Indian River fruit. The oranges, grapefruit and other citrus fruits grown in the Indian River region of Florida have a unique taste that is better than any other citrus fruits. Delicious Indian River fruit is always in high demand because it tastes so good. Indian River fruit gifts are surprisingly affordable when you consider the quality of the fruit and no matter what your budget is you’ll be able to find a delicious fruit gift that will fit into that budget.

Indian River fruit has been the most popular gift fruit since the early 20th century. After Captain Douglas Dummitt first sailed up the Indian River looking for a new place to set up a home he was planted the native orange trees in the area around his home because he loved the fragrance from the blossoms. When he tasted the fruit he knew he there was a lot of potential money to be made by selling that fruit. As the Indian River region filled up with other citrus growers who were anxious to start their own citrus groves they discovered that it was the unique soil and the weather in the area that created such delicious fruit. It doesn’t happen often but sometimes Florida does have some cold weather, which can damage citrus fruit and impact the taste. Because of the way that the Indian River fruit-growing region is situated the growers in the area can simply flood the groves with warm water from the Indian River when the weather is predicted to be cold. The warm water raises the temperature around the trees and keeps the fruit from being damaged. The water also drops more nutrient rich soil throughout the groves, which the trees the nutrients they need to produce the best tasting fruit in the world.

Because of the unique sweetness and freshness of Indian River fruit as soon as the fruit was put up for sale people wanted it. That has never changed in over a century of fruit sales, and Indian River fruit is still the most popular gift fruit on the market.

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