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Hale Groves Grapefruit is one of the best tasting and healthiest gifts in our collection. We have three beautiful varieties—ruby red grapefruit, sweet red grapefruit, and classic white grapefruit. Our Indian River grapefruit is sweeter and mellower than any you've ever tried. There's nothing like the gift of Florida grapefruit — it's a healthy, delicious present you will feel proud to send.

Grapefruit Varieties
Tart and juicy, our sweet grapefruit stays on the tree until you order it, so you'll know it will be at its peak freshness. White grapefruit has a fragrant aroma and firm, tart flesh. Ruby Red grapefruit have a blush-pink color and a balanced sweet-tart flavor, while our deep red grapefruit are sweet, juicy, and intensely flavored. No matter what variety you choose, you'll be pleased with our unsurpassed quality.

The Freshest Choice
Our fresh grapefruit has been growing and ripening in the warm Florida sunshine for months, getting more flavorful by the day. We sample the fruit daily, waiting patiently until it reaches its absolute peak of perfection.  And when that day arrives, we pick, pack, and ship your fruit right to your door. Only a fraction—less than 1% —of all the grapefruit grown in America meet our rigorous standards for flavor and qulaity. Sweet, tart, and sophisticated, our grapefruit is unparalleled. You’ve never had grapefruit so good.

Unexpected Gift Idea
A grapefruit delivery will brighten anyone’s day. In tandem with our other citrus or gourmet foods, or simply on its own, our florida grapefruit is always a perfect (and healthful) gift. Rich in antioxidants and fiber, a grapefruit gift basket is a super-nutritious choice, appropriate for any occasion. We make it easy to buy grapefruit online and send it, fresh and beautiful, to the recipient of your choice or to yourself.