A Look Inside the Groves – January 2020 Hale Groves Update

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A Red ripe Minneola that is ready for harvest. This is the ideal color we??e looking for When we are spotting a crop.
Spotting a crop involves clipping/picking only the The brightest color fruit and only the sizes we??e looking for. The rest of the crop is left on the tree to continue coloring and sizing. We will typically spot across a block 2-3 times.

The picker is using his clippers to harvest fruit. Honeybells require clipping to remove the fruit from the tree. If pulled by hand, the large stems will tear the skin off the fruit.

A mixture of colors from pale green to bright orange is the result of a multiple week blooming period of our Minneolas. This is why we spot on color.

The ease of peeling a ripe Minneola by hand.

A row of Minneola trees ready to be harvested in our grove.

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