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Missing the taste of a sweet summer peach? Great news…you can order peaches online right now! Hale Groves offers Florida peaches for sale, so you don’t have to wait until summer to bite into a sweet, juicy peach.

How Florida Peaches are Different

The reason fresh peaches have become synonymous with summer is that peach fruit normally is harvested in the summer months. Georgia peaches have an even shorter in-season time (June), as well as a small crop size.

Many peach lovers prefer to buy peaches that are grown in Georgia. This is due to the belief that Georgia Peaches are the sweetest, most flavorful peaches available. The Georgia peach’s famous sweetness has to do with the weather.

Many peach fans believe that a fresh, sweet Georgia peach is the sweetest, most flavorful peach you can eat. The reason for this legendary, sweet peach flavor has to do with Georgia’s weather. Most growing regions experience a drop in temperature through the nighttime hours; when this happens, orchard fruit hanging on a tree stops producing natural sugars until the sun comes up again. The small, specific region in which Georgia peaches are grown, however, stays hot and humid throughout the night. This means that the fruit on peach trees grown in this location never stops producing sugar, meaning the fruit is noticeably sweeter.

This is also the reason why the fruit in your peach delivery from Hale Groves is yellower than other peaches. Florida peaches tend to be redder in color than Georgia peaches because they ripen to maturity during the early spring when the state is still experiencing significant nighttime cooldowns. This means that while Florida peaches are indeed bursting with sweet peach flavor, they may not have quite the sweetness found in a Georgia peach.

Florida Peaches Come in a Snackable Size

Another difference you’ll notice between Florida peaches and summer peaches is the size. Florida peaches, while big in flavor, are a little smaller than their summer-picked cousins. This makes them perfect if you’re in the mood for a small snack, a smoothie, or a fruit topping for your morning cereal.

Another advantage to the Florida peach’s smaller size is that it makes it an ideal addition to a child’s lunch box! Easy for smaller hands to hold and smaller stomachs to digest, these flavorful, nutritious snacks are a healthy, sweet treat to offer your little ones in place of cookies or candy.

The Flesh of a Florida Peach is on the Firm Side

All peaches fall into one of two categories: freestone or clingstone. The flesh of a clingstone peach doesn’t separate from the pit as easily as the flesh of a freestone peach does, and for this reason, clingstone peaches are more often used for canning while freestone peaches are used for snacking.

Have you ever heard a particularly delicious peach described as “melting?” That’s because the flesh of a perfectly ripe, very good freestone peach will almost literally melt in your mouth. Peaches with firmer flesh were often used for canning because the addition of sugar syrup sweetened the fruit.

It’s difficult to ship peaches when they’re perfectly ripe because properly ripened peaches with melting flesh don’t last long. Shipping peaches that are slightly underripe and so still firm ship better – unlike pears, however, which will continue to ripen off the tree, these underripe peaches don’t taste quite as good as their fully ripened counterparts.

The good news for peach overs is that Florida peach growers have developed a peach that has firmer flesh when fully ripe that’s also deliciously sweet! The relative firmness of the Florida peach’s flesh makes it less messy to snack on, as well as an ideal choice for grilling.

Where to Buy Florida Peaches

Petite Florida Peaches from Hale Groves are always perfectly fresh and perfectly sweet, unlike any peaches you’ll find in chain stores. They make wonderful gifts, too. So, extend peach season this year by ordering fresh peaches from Florida for yourself or someone special – they’re a delicious, healthy, and wonderful treat everyone will love!

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