Are Navel Oranges Good for You?

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What are Navel Oranges?

The Navel ?winter? orange, with its fragrant, easy-to-peel skin, is a popular fruit because of the mouth-watering, delicious plump flesh that has the right combination of sweetness and acidity. You can drink the juice, use it as an appetizer or dessert and everything else in between. The possibilities are endless. You just got to use your imagination. What makes navel?oranges a crowd-pleaser (even nutritionists and health enthusiasts have nothing against them) is that, aside from its appetizing appearance and superior taste, it is also one of the healthiest fruit you can easily get your hands on. Eating?one navel orange a day can help you fight cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other illness. Plus it can boost the immune system and improve your overall health. Furthermore, it can help you maintain your weight as there are only 69 calories in a navel orange.

Navel Orange Nutrition Facts

  • Vitamin C ? Medium-sized navels contain 82 mg of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an important component in synthesizing excellent collagen for it to produce strong connective tissues in the body and prevent scurvy. Vitamin C also lessens the risk of cardiovascular disease by elevating the HDL cholesterol levels at the same time lowering the blood pressure and cutting down the conversion of fat into plaque in the arteries. It is also a powerful antioxidant that defends cells and helps combat the formation of free radicals that causes cancer. Vitamin C can also reduce the severity of inflammatory conditions like asthma and arthritis, aid in healing wounds and provide vital support to immune system.
  • Vitamin A ? One orange navel contains 346 IU of vitamin A and beta carotene. Vitamin A is responsible in promoting good vision, assisting in normal growth and encouraging the development of healthy skin, bones and teeth.
  • Dietary Fiber ? Navel oranges have around 2.5-4 g of fiber per fruit. Dietary fiber helps in regulating digestion and body weight, controls blood sugar and prevents colon cancer. It can also help in lowering the cholesterol level in the body and ward off heart disease.
  • Citrates ? Navel orange is a great source of citrates which helps impede kidney stone formation.
  • Potassium ? Navel oranges have 232mg of potassium per piece of fruit which can help in controlling blood pressure as well as forestall hypertension and stroke due to its vasodilation effects.
  • Folate ? A large navel orange can provide you with 55 micrograms of folate. Folate is needed for producing red blood cells; it also helps in preventing neural tube birth defects and anemia which can lead to fatigue.
  • Other minerals found in navel oranges are magnesium, phosphorus, carbohydrates, protein and vitamin B6.
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