When are Georgia Peaches in season?

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Prunus Persica or most commonly known as a peach, is a fruit tree of the Rosaceae family cultivated and grown throughout the warmer temperate regions of the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Facts about Peaches

  • The peach tree is native to the region of Northwest China. It was first domesticated and cultivated between the Tarim Basin and north slopes of the Kunlun Shan mountains. It was then imported to Persia where it was studied and widely cultivated.
  • Thought to increase longevity and stave off evil spirits, peaches were a favorite among emperors and kings in ancient times.
  • Alexander the Great expanded the peach?s popularity in Europe.Well-preserved paintings of peaches were found on the walls of the Herculaneum even after Vesuvius was destroyed.
  • Spanish explorers brought the Peach to the Americas in the 16th century.
  • In the 17th century, Peaches were introduced to France and England.
  • During the 18th century, peaches were planted along the East coast of the US as well as the marshes of southern Florida. However, they weren?t commercially produced until the 19th

Peach Season in Georgia

Georgia peaches are in season during the summer; they are grown for 16-18 weeks with ripening starting in mid-May to early August. There are about 4 dozen varieties of peaches from Georgia. The two most common varieties are the Clingstone and Freestone peaches. Clingstone peach flesh does not fall off the pit, while freestone peach meat falls easily off the pit. During the early part of the Georgia peach season, from May 15th to June 1st, Clingstone peaches are harvested. From June 1st? to June 20th, semi-freestones are taken from the peach trees,. Finally, Freestone varieties are picked from June 19th up until August 10th.

During the peach season, you will find fresh peaches for sale in state farmers market, fruit stands and supermarkets. If these luscious sweet peaches are out of stock, you can buy peaches online or pre-order peaches from well-known peach farms, who? can deliver them right to your doorstep before the 4th of July celebration.

Peach Nutrition Facts

Peaches in Georgia have the perfect combination of nutrition and flavor. Peaches are excellent appetizers, desserts and virtually anything in between.

Vitamins ? Peaches are packed with vitamins like A, C, E, K and B complex. Vitamin A is great for vision, vitamin C is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that helps in boosting the immune system, vitamin K is indispensable for your blood-clotting ability. Vitamin E is another antioxidant that helps protect cells from harm that is caused by free radicals. B-complex plays an important role in your body ensuring that it operates efficiently.

Fiber ??Peaches contain high dietary fiber that helps with digestion as well as prevent constipation and bloating..

Potassium ? Peaches contain high amount of potassium that helps reduce kidney problem and lessens the risk of contracting ulcers.

Other minerals found in peaches are magnesium, phosphorus, copper, zinc iron, manganese and calcium. These minerals help protect and boost the nervous system, red blood cells and strengthen bones.

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