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Some industries benefit from new technologies and others are scuttled by them. The buggy whip industry obviously went into decline when the automobile arrived on the scene. In our own time, the internet has helped and destroyed numerous industries.

Video rental stores, for example, have been all but replaced by companies that do most of their business on the internet. As a general rule, any company that does not have to meet their customers in the flesh can save money if they offer their products and/or services online. Delivery services are crucial to this money-saving equation. In this article will discuss fruit baskets online.

Because they can and always have sent their products through the mail, fruit delivery companies can do without a storefront. In fact, they can save beaucoup bucks if they take their act online. E-businesses save on rent, utilities, inventory, and staff. These savings can then be passed on to customers.

The current popularity of fruit baskets is due in no small part to the internet. Once an expensive corporate gift, online fruit baskets can now be ordered for as little as twenty dollars. They can also be customized to include the recipient’s favorite fruits. This is a long way from the days when florists would offer one or
two prearranged baskets as a specialty item for corporate clients.

Where to go?

Fruit may seem like a fungible product, as familiar and as easy to find as fast food, but the truth is that most fruit varieties are quite rare. Any American can walk into his local supermarket and find an amble supply of Navel oranges or Duncan (white) grapefruits. But few of them could find a Honeybell tangelo or a Temple orange.

These fruits are not widely cultivated. Unlike the most popular varieties, they are often only grown in certain regions of the country. The Honeybell tangelo, for example, is only grown along the Indian River in Florida. Because their crops are small, these varieties are generally sold as specialty fruits.

It is not an easy business by any stretch of the imagination, but there is money to be made selling fruit baskets online. Fruit lovers and connoisseurs are willing to pay two or three times the market price for rare and exotic fruit varieties, which is why many fruit sellers are going online. Why sell fruit at market prices when out-of-state shoppers are willing to pay more?

When shopping for fruit baskets online, it is always a good idea to find a seller that grows his own fruit. Many fruit delivery companies on the internet buy their fruit from local orchards and resell it to consumers. As you might imagine, this practice typically leads to higher prices and lower quality fruit.

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