What should I know before buying a monthly fruit club?

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Monthly Fruit Club

With 3-month, 6-month, 9-month, and 12-month options, Hale Groves’ monthly fruit club gift promises to deliver backyard-fresh fruit cultivated especially for you by growers with generations of experience.

Our monthly fruit club fruit is so fresh, it’s like it came from your own yard. The monthly fruit you receive from Hale Groves is unlike any other fruit by the month club. Our decades of experience have proven that fruit harvested at its peak of freshness is what makes Hale Groves’ gourmet fruit a singularly juicy event.

That’s why we create the perfect experience from the very moment a new club member receives their attractive membership certificate announcing their very own monthly fruit subscription. Soon you – or someone special to you – is enjoying the bold taste of citrus or orchard apple on their tongue, eagerly anticipating their next shipment…and then every shipment after that.

It’s easy to order and set the frequency of delivery either online or with just a phone call. Our goal is to create a seamless, simple ordering process to accompany your thoughtful gift, so we make getting in touch with us a treat.

With a single phone call or visit to our site, Hale Groves’ friendly customer service department gladly assists you in arranging your own monthly fruit clubs. Each month, for as long as you desire, monthly fruit subscription recipients enjoy seasonal shipments direct from Hale Groves’ own farmers. And since fruit gifts from Hale Groves continually receive rave reviews, they’re sure to win the hearts of your family and friends.

We hand pick the fruit at just the right time, just for you, so you enjoy fresh fruit all year. Hale Groves’ monthly fruit clubs are a hand-selected harvest of the favorites families have come to love. Choose from a fruit a month via varieties like juicy Peaches, Mini Honeybells, Bing Cherries, Comice Pears, and so much more, for something both different and refreshing that changes naturally with the seasons.

Each piece of fruit is hand-chosen per order, then examined and packaged with care to reach each recipient in perfect condition. The fruit arrives at your home farm-fresh, full of vital nutrients, and delicious flavor. Every bite of any of Hale Groves’ monthly fruit clubs fruit delivers a little Florida sunshine into your life.

You save up to 20% with the seasonally appropriate sentiment for every occasion. While it’s pretty difficult to put a price on heirloom quality fruit bursting at the bushels, with our monthly fruit club, Hale Groves curates only the finest fruit month by month from our carefully-tended Florida groves, and at a substantial cost savings over placing individual fruit orders.

Regardless of age, culture or location, even the person who has everything will love receiving the monthly gift of fruit and enjoying such a delightful treat! Each carefully packed piece of fruit is as succulent as a warm Southern morning, with a sweet flavor that enhances any culinary experience. In fact, Hale Groves fruits are portable snack opportunities for children, teenagers, and adults.

If you (or your recipient) aren’t thoroughly delighted, we’ll make it right. We ensure our fruit is picked in season, sending the best our sunny Southern groves have to offer in expertly packaged monthly fruit clubs that include seasonal fruit varieties at their peak of ripeness in time for shipment.

That said, if for any reason the fruit club of the month gift you order doesn’t arrive fresh and perfect – or if you and your gift recipients aren’t totally delighted – we’ve got you covered.

The difficult part of selecting your fruit club offerings from Hale Groves is deciding which to pick. Whether you’re giving fruit clubs of the month selections to yourself or to someone else you care about, each curated box is brimming with Florida-grown fruit containing colors and flavors so delicious, you might even forget they’re also good for you.

Don’t wait another minute. Let us answer your questions and offer suggestions. We want you free to revel in the perfection of lovingly harvested and packaged fruit, courtesy of your friends here at Hale Groves.

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