Can dogs eat peaches?

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dogs and peaches

Peach season is here! There’s nothing like biting into a fresh, juicy Georgia peach when you’re craving a taste of summer…but wait! Who’s that staring at your soulfully while you enjoy your fresh Florida peach? We know you love to indulge your four-legged friend, but should you when it comes to Hale peaches?

The good news is that you can share your fresh peaches (never canned or preserved, which are high in sugar and can upset your dog’s stomach) with your dog as long as you don’t overdo it. Dogs are omnivores, which means that, in addition to meat, they can also eat some plant-based foods.

How do peaches benefit your and your dog’s health?

Peaches are the stars of late spring and early summer, with their sweet taste and “grillability.” But this pretty stone-fruit is more than just a sweet and juicy treat – the modest-sized peach is a nutritional powerhouse, providing more than 13% of your daily recommended vitamin C intake, pumping up your immune system and helping your body to heal in just a single serving. Even further, peaches help your body rid itself of free radicals, those chemicals that have been linked to cancer.

Some fruits can even be good for your dog – unlike many processed treats, peaches are full of antioxidant compounds (including Vitamins A, C, and B complex, as well as potassium and fiber) which can help promote health and longevity in pets. But while dogs often love the sweet taste of the fruit and can safely eat peaches in small quantities, you should be sure to remove the pit first (which can be toxic and a choking hazard for both you and your pet). The same vitamins in peaches that are good for you can also be good for your dog but giving him too much can upset his stomach, so be judicious.

Hale Peaches make great gifts!

Get gourmet peaches to enjoy yourself, or order peaches online from Hale Groves as a gift! Whether it’s a Father’s Day gift or a “just because” gift, a peach delivery is a wonderful gift that’s sure to be appreciated. Peaches from Georgia are delicious when eaten fresh out of hand, sliced up with other summer fruits, used as a topping for ice cream or granola, and in smoothies. You and your gift recipients will find lots of way to enjoy a Hale Groves peach online order…and now you know peach gifts can be a special for the dog-lover in your life, too!

When are peaches in season?

It might surprise you to learn that you don’t have to wait for summer to enjoy fresh peaches! Palm-sized Hale Groves Petite Florida Peaches let you enjoy a taste of summertime long before the last frost has melted, and then there are our summer varieties to look forward to. When it comes to sweetness, nothing can beat our Sweet Georgia Peaches, and after their short season has ended our Orchard Fresh Peaches keep the peach-fest going until September!

When you shop for peaches at Hale Groves, you can be sure your order arrive in perfect condition. The fresh peaches are juicy, beautifully colored, free of blemishes, and – of course – bursting with sweet, summery flavor. You’ll have a hard time finding peaches for sale at your local grocery store chain that can equal ours!

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