Drop a Dress Size by Summer Eating Navel Oranges

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Uh oh…between the holidays, staying indoors due to wintry weather, and pandemic blues, you may find you’ve put on a few extra pounds. Spring is here…is it too late to get in shape for summer?

Losing Weight can be as Simple as Making a Few Changes to Your Diet

The good news is that you don’t have to make huge, radical changes to your diet to take off extra pounds. Small changes like swapping out sugary snacks for healthy, whole foods (like Navel Oranges, for instance) can make a big impact over time.

The holidays are over and now it’s time to get back in shape for spring and summer. Navel Oranges are an inexpensive and healthy food you can add to your diet to get you back in shape for bathing suit season this summer. It’s true – you really can lose weight just by paying more attention to what you eat and choosing healthy low-calorie foods instead of high calorie processed foods!

It’s All About Math: Calories Burned > Calories Consumed

Yes, you can drop a dress size without making any radical changes to your diet or exercising like crazy just by adding Navel Oranges and other citrus fruit like grapefruit to your diet.

If you want to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you take in. How can eating a Navel Orange help? Easy – Navel Oranges are low in calories, so snacking on Navel Oranges in place of high-calorie chips or cookies cuts calories from your overall daily total. If you replace just two of your daily snacks with low calorie Navel Oranges, you can drop as much as 600 calories from your daily total.

The calories in a Navel Orange only come out to around 69, but the sweetness of the fruit rivals many a sugary treat so you stay satisfied. Plus, whole oranges are packed with fiber, adding to your feeling of fullness and staving off hunger. Thus, replacing two snacks a day with Navel Oranges can cut enough calories for you lose a pound per week without making any other changes in your diet or exercising.

What Are Navel Oranges?

Navel Oranges belong to the citrus family. Navel Orange season is November through part of May (depending on where they’re grown), making them a winter variety. Known for being seedless, Navel Oranges are arguably the most popular of citrus fruits thanks to their wonderful flavor and how easy they are to eat. Navel Oranges are predominately favored for fresh eating, and are also used by chefs and home cooks for adding zest, flavoring sauces and garnish.

Sweet, seedless, easy-to-peel – seedless Navel Oranges are an ideal snack for anyone! Great for eating out of hand and not too drippy, these tangy-sweet snacks section up beautifully, making them an ideal snack.

Health Benefits of Navel Oranges

Navel Orange nutrition is legendary! There’s a reason your mother always gave you a glass of orange juice when you had a cold – Navel Oranges taste indulgent, but they’re also super-healthy. A typical Navel Orange contains is an excellent source of vitamin C, dietary fiber, and thiamin as well as potassium, vitamin A, beta-carotene and calcium. Regularly including Navel Oranges in your diet may help protect you against heart disease, cancer and diabetes while also helping to improve memory, blood pressure, immune system and overall health. In a typical Navel Orange, calories come out to just 69 per serving, while there are 17.5g of carbs in a Navel Orange.

Want to Drop a Few Pounds Before Bathing Suit Season?

To speed up the weight loss process, replace one meal per day with a low-calorie Navel Orange or Grapefruit. (Grapefruit also is low in calories, contains a natural fat-burning enzyme, and keeps you from getting bored with eating the same fruit every day.)

By adding a citrus fruit to your breakfast or replacing two snacks a day with citrus fruits, you’ll save a ton of calories without having to live in the gym (though exercising is great for weight loss because the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn). Simply substituting Navel Oranges and other citrus fruits for high-calorie snacks and the occasional meal will make it possible for you to drop a dress size before summer bathing suit season arrives. (Note: it’s always advisable to consult your doctor before attempting any weight loss program.)

Where to Find the Best Navel Oranges

Though you can find them in most grocery stores, you’ll find the very best Navel Oranges for sale online at Hale Groves! Our Grove Navel Oranges are always bright, fragrant, and delicious. That’s because we leave them on the tree until they’ve reached they’re full ripeness and flavor, pick them only after you’ve placed your order, select them for quality, and rush them right to your address without letting them sit in cold storage. Get them while you can for an affordable, delectable weight loss aid you can get behind with pleasure!

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