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DIY – Orange Pomander Decorations

By: | Comments Off on DIY – Orange Pomander Decorations | On: December 20, 2019 | Category: DIY

Orange Pomander Balls are fragrant, simple holiday decorations that are easy to make, and add a traditional touch to trees or table tops. Gather the ingredients and a few simple tools, and create some of these long-lasting DIY ornaments to brighten your holiday home, or to share with others this... more

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DIY – Apple Facial Mask

By: | Comments Off on DIY – Apple Facial Mask | On: October 25, 2019 | Category: DIY

Cleansing and renewing the skin on your face, without the use of harsh chemicals or artificial ingredients, can be a great part of your routine. This easy DIY Apple Facial Mask is great for those with sensitive skin, or anyone who wants a natural, refreshing way to give skin a... more

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DIY – Pear & Sugar Scrub

By: | Comments Off on DIY – Pear & Sugar Scrub | On: September 19, 2019 | Category: DIY

This easy DIY Pear and Sugar Scrub uses fresh Hale Groves Pears and simple ingredients to make a refreshing scrub for face, elbows, hands, and anywhere you would like soft, supple skin. You can store it refrigerated for a few days, and it washes away easily with warm water. Make... more

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DIY – Cherry Jam

By: | Comments Off on DIY – Cherry Jam | On: July 8, 2019 | Category: DIY

A great way to make your delicious Hale Groves Bing Cherries last a bit longer is to make your own cherry jam. This recipe is easy and rewarding and will make enough jam for you to store or share. Make a batch today! Ingredients: 3 cups Hale Groves Bing Cherries... more

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DIY – Peach Jam

By: | Comments Off on DIY – Peach Jam | On: June 6, 2019 | Category: DIY

This easy, do-it-yourself peach jam is a great way to extend the use of the seasons Hale Groves peaches so you can enjoy their flavor for breakfast, snacks, or anytime you want something sweet. You will need thirteen 1-cup plastic containers with lids to make this tasty treat you can... more

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DIY – Orange Peel and Yogurt Face Mask

By: | Comments Off on DIY – Orange Peel and Yogurt Face Mask | On: May 14, 2019 | Category: DIY

The vitamin C and minerals in oranges have been used for health and beauty for centuries. This Hale Groves Navel Orange Peel and Yogurt Face Mask will help your skin feel clean, refreshed, and clear so you can face the day with a sunny smile. Ingredients plain yogurt 1 Hale... more

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DIY – Spring Tangelo Marmalade

By: | Comments Off on DIY – Spring Tangelo Marmalade | On: April 3, 2019 | Category: DIY

Making your own marmalade is easy and fun. Plus you get to enjoy and share this sweet treat. Hale Groves Spring Tangelos are the perfect citrus to make this tangy fruit topping. In this easy recipe, all of the thickening and cooking takes place before you put it in jars,... more

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DIY – Cara Cara Orange Champagne Marmalade

By: | Comments Off on DIY – Cara Cara Orange Champagne Marmalade | On: March 6, 2019 | Category: DIY

Hale Groves Cara Cara Oranges make great marmalade, but the addition of Champagne makes this favorite preserve a gourmet treat. This is a perfect recipe to use the last cup of champagne you may have, or a good reason to open a bottle. Try this delicious Hale Groves Cara Cara... more

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DIY – Temple Orange Juice Face Toner

By: | Comments Off on DIY – Temple Orange Juice Face Toner | On: February 14, 2019 | Category: DIY

Hale Temple Orange Juice is filled with natural sugars and vitamins that can help clean, repair, and refresh skin in a gentle but effective way. The many vitamins such as vitamin C, B, and A, as well as a host of minerals, serve to add vital nutrients to your skin.... more

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DIY – Dark Chocolate Dipped Orange Slices

By: | Comments Off on DIY – Dark Chocolate Dipped Orange Slices | On: January 17, 2019 | Category: DIY

Chocolate And Oranges The indulgent taste of chocolate and the sweet, refreshing flavor of fresh oranges has been a perfect combination for ages. In many parts of Europe, orange slices are dipped in rich melted chocolate for a traditional holiday dessert. And as early as the 1930s, British candy companies... more

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