Make Healthy and Delicious Breakfast Treats with Florida Oranges

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Florida oranges, along with grapefruit and other citrus fruits, are most commonly associated with breakfast but that doesn’t mean that you are limited to serving them in a traditional way. Since your family and friends expect citrus fruits with breakfast try surprising them by serving delicious and healthy Florida oranges and Texas grapefruits in unusual ways. There are many ways that you can create stunning but simple breakfast treats that can be prepared the night before or easily prepared in the morning before breakfast is served. If you want to shake up your family’s breakfast routine try some of these healthy and delicious orange breakfast treats:

Orange pancakes – pancakes are a breakfast favorite, but you can make pancakes that are both healthy and delicious by substituting fresh squeezed orange juice for the water in the pancake batter. Using orange juice instead of water will give your friends and family the benefits of orange juice along with the deliciousness of a pancake. Your pancakes will also have a slight citrus taste that will be quite tasty, especially if you balance the citrus with a drop or two of vanilla extract. Sprinkle some lemon zest into the pancake while it’s cooking to enhance the citrus taste.

Orange smoothies – Smoothies are perfect when you’re rushing out the door and don’t have time for breakfast, but using orange juice instead of water will boost the nutritional content and give the smoothie a light citrus taste. Add orange segments to the smoothie for a change of pace from traditional berry smoothies. Because orange juice mixes so well with other kinds of fruits you can add orange juice to any type of smoothie and it will taste delicious.

Orange Cranberry Scones – Scones are a traditional breakfast treat that go great with coffee, but instead of making chocolate scones with lots of calories and sugar make a low calorie, naturally sweet scone with a mixture of oranges and cranberries. Boil the cranberries and orange segments together with some orange juice to make them soft enough to mix into a traditional scone dough. Bake the mixture into the scone, and top with some fresh orange zest and a little rock sugar. Orange cranberry scones are an easy breakfast treat to make that everyone will love.

Orange marmalade – Marmalade is great on toast, and marmalade made with Florida oranges, honeybells, or clementines will be super sweet and delicious. Make a big batch and freeze the leftovers to enjoy throughout the year.

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