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Most people who purchase clementines at their local supermarket do so to eat them. Their sweet flesh and easy to peel skin make them the perfect afternoon snack, and during the winter months they also provide an affordable way to get a lot of Vitamin C. However, there is much more to Clementine oranges than many people think. In fact, clementines are one of the most versatile fruits on earth. Beyond eating, they have a wide variety of household uses that would impress just about anyone.

For example, clementines can remove odors that come from garbage disposals. When cut into large chunks and then run in the disposals, gross smells seem to magically disappear. Some people know that oranges can do the same thing, but because clementines are a little more acidic than oranges, they tend to do the job better.

Cleaning garbage disposal odor can be a great use, but what about the people who actually want to eat the clementines, rather than toss them down the drain? As it turns out, the skin of the Clementine orange also has several different uses.

People who find themselves eaten alive by mosquitoes when they are outdoors can rub the peels of clementines over their skin to keep them at bay. Because mosquitoes hate citrus scents (which is why citronella candles work so well), they will stay away.

Similarly, people who have cats that constantly chew on their houseplants can use the citrus scent of clementines to save their foliage. When the leaves of the houseplants are rubbed with the peels, the scent is left behind and the cats will stop eating the leaves. This method works so well, it only needs to be repeated once a month to remain effective. After several months, the cats will be trained to stay away from the plants, and the cat owners will not have to keep rubbing down the leaves.

The peels of Clementine oranges can also be used to create tasty oils for cooking or baking. All a person has to do is throw a few pieces of the skin and several dried cranberries into a bottle of extra virgin olive oil, then let the mixture sit for about a month. The oil will absorb the taste of clementines and cranberries, which gives cake batter a little extra zing. The oil also works great when mixed in a salad.

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