Your Guide To Ordering Citrus Fruit

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Congratulations on your choice to order citrus fruit as a gift or for yourself over the holiday season. Eating large amounts of fruit is one of the best health-conscious decisions you can make, as citrus fruit’s rich vitamin and mineral content provides an astonishing number of health benefits to the mind, body, and heart. And that’s not even mentioning the full-bodied, delicious tastes every kind of citrus fruit brings to your holiday celebration or to your decorative presentation.
What comes in an assorted citrus fruit gift basket?

Giving a gift fruit basket for the holidays makes sure your guests and yourself get only the best assortment of citrus fruits. Typical assorted gift baskets of citrus fruits include healthy, heaping servings of oranges, ruby red grapefruit, tangelos, and possibly other types of fruit as well. Besides gift baskets, the fruit gift tower presents a bountiful assortment of fresh fruit stacked vertically, perfect as a centerpiece of conversation piece alike.

How much fruit comes in an assorted gift basket?

The size of the gift basket assortment varies according to your type and budget. Some gift baskets are meant for only a single serving or two, while others are practically huge crates full of delicious citrus fruits.

There are a variety of ways to determine if the fruit basket you want to order is the right size and quantity for your celebration. As a general party-planning rule, though, it’s best to slightly overcompensate, so that you’ve got more fruit than you think you’ll need. If nothing else, you’ll have lots of fruit left over to enjoy by yourself after the celebration.

What times of the year can I order gift baskets?

Many citrus fruits have their peak season late in the year, so a wide variety of fresh citrus fruits are available during the holiday months of November and December. Though some will likely be available at other times of the year, assorted gift baskets ordered during this time will be freshest and with the highest quality of flavor.

Are there baskets with just one kind of fruit available?

Absolutely! Most online citrus fruit and gift basket boutiques provide an amazing array of fruit baskets that profile a particular type of fruit – say, a navel orange or a delicious tangelo. These gift baskets share the same decorative style and flair as the assorted gift baskets, with all the decorative trim and other charming features, yet only contain your choice of fruit.

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