Creative Ways to Decorate by Citrus Fruit Assortments

By : | On : July 11, 2014 | Category : Fruit Facts

Fresh fruit arrangements and assorted fresh citrus fruit baskets are great gifts, but they are also great to have around the house as decorations during the holidays. If you have family and friends staying with you during the holidays having a citrus fruit arrangement centerpiece is a pretty way to let your guests help themselves to some fresh, healthy fruit in the mornings. Citrus fruit assortments are also great to have on hand for an alternative to holiday cookies and cakes for people who cannot eat a lot of sugar or are trying to watch their calorie intake over the holidays. If you have never used citrus fruit arrangements as decorations over the holidays here are some creative ways to work them into your holiday decorations:


Leave a fresh fruit basket on a side table or mantelpiece – In order to brighten up a dark corner instead of putting a plant on a side table for holiday parties place a bright cheery assorted fruit basket there. Guests will have easy access to some delicious premium Florida citrus fruits like grapefruits and oranges and the pretty colors of the fruit and the decorated basket will blend perfectly into the holiday decorations.

Have a holiday theme fresh fruit arrangement on the bar – A holiday themed citrus fruit arrangement on the bar during a holiday party serves two purposes. It gives your guests a delicious snack and lets them add citrus juice to their drinks if they want more, and it gives whoever is playing bartender for the evening a ready supply for fresh citrus fruit to be used in making drinks. That way the bar is always fully stocked with fresh squeezed juice and citrus segments and peel for garnishes.

Set out a citrus fruit arrangement on the kids’ table – Instead of stocking the kids table with sugary sweets and snacks leave a basket of easy to peel, seedless Clementine oranges or an assortment of Florida Oranges and Honeybell Tangelos out for the kids. That way the kids will have a healthy snack that their parents will approve of and will not be eating cookies or other sweets all the time. If you have kids that are staying with you make sure there is always plenty of fresh citrus fruit available for them to eat instead of cookies and holiday candy so that they do not eat too much sugar.

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