Fast Facts About Florida Oranges

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honeybell-oranges-grapefruitYou already know that Florida oranges are packed with nutrition and taste great, but did you know that Florida oranges are some of the best in the world because of the unique growing conditions found in Florida? Florida oranges are more than just a delicious snack. They have a long and interesting history. Here are some other facts about Florida oranges that you probably did not know:

Oranges have been grown in Florida since the middle of the 16th century. Even though oranges were not grown as a cash crop until much later the first oranges were planted and grown in Florida by the Spanish conquistadors who came to the Florida coast after landing in South America.

Today the citrus industry is one of the biggest in Florida, bringing in nearly 10 billion dollars annually and creating jobs for more 75,000 people. Florida oranges are shipped all over the world and are known for their sweet taste and juiciness. Even though Florida brings in a lot of money from tourism and other state ventures growing and selling high quality Florida oranges and other citrus fruits is a pillar of the state economy. Florida oranges and citrus fruits make up 70% of all the citrus fruits sold in the US each year.

Only Brazil creates more orange juice than the United States. Even though oranges and citrus fruits can be found around the world these days the best orange juice comes from Florida, and Florida creates more orange juice than almost any other nation.

The best months for oranges are from October through June. Even though oranges from all over the world can be purchased year round, if you want real Florida oranges you can only get them from October through June. One of the reasons why Florida oranges are such a popular holiday gift is because the peak of the season is just around the holiday time, meaning the oranges are at their best.

Almost all of the citrus fruits in Florida, including both Florida oranges and Florida grapefruits, are grown in southern Florida. Even though most people think that Florida is warm all the time it can get very chilly in Florida and some parts of the state do get frosts. Frosts would kill the citrus fruit harvest, so many citrus growers stay in the southern end of the state where they are sure that their crops will flourish instead of dying off when the frost hits.


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