DIY Bartlett Pear Baby Food Recipe

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Hale Groves Bartlett Pears are good for making your own baby food because they are considered a nutrient-dense food. Nutrient-dense foods are those that contain vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and fiber, but are relatively low in calories. Such nutritious contents combined with their delicate sweet flavor, make Bartlett Pears perfect for baby food. This recipe is easy and can be stored frozen, then thawed when you need it.

Bartlett Pear Baby Food Recipe
Prep Time: 25 minutes


5 Hale Groves Bartlett Pears, peeled and cored
5 ounces water

Wash, peel, and core the Bartlett Pears. Cut each pear into about four pieces. Place pear chunks into a saucepan, add water, and cook on medium-high heat for about ten minutes. Stir occasionally until pears are tender. The mixture should boil but not stick. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Add cooked Bartlett Pears and water to blender and puree until smooth. Pour mixture into ice trays, cover with plastic wrap, and freeze. Each cube is about one ounce, for easy measuring. Remove individual cubes and thaw in refrigerator before serving.

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