Dress Up Your Holiday Table with Navel Oranges

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During the holidays many people get into the habit of putting fruit on their tables. It may be as an appetizer or it may be in the form of a salad, but however you may choose to serve fruit during the holidays, you can dress it up a little bit more with navel oranges. The fact that you can use navel oranges as either fruit or drink makes them very versatile. You can even add some food coloring and make your navel oranges be right in tune with the holiday season.

The holiday season is the only time many people develop the habit of putting out fruit bowls; they tend to go hand in hand with walnuts and almonds. If you want to be more in tune with the season, decorate the navel oranges with different holiday decorations. You can decorate oranges with either food coloring or decorations you happen to find at your local party store. Even if you are serving navel orange juice you can add some food coloring to make your drinks in holiday blue, green or red. There is nothing you can accomplish with some imagination and a bag full of navel oranges.

For those who serve navel oranges in dinner salads, you can also add a festive touch without taking too much time away from your other holiday duties. You can serve the navel oranges in a bowl that has been lined with cotton and Christmas balls in order to provide that festive touch you are seeking. Why not make a centerpiece that is in the shape of a sleigh and add some navel oranges along with some cotton and other festive decorations? You can substitute whipped cream for the cotton in order to make the decoration edible.

There are so many different ways you can use navel oranges to dress up your table for the holidays. Even if you don’t think you are very creative, you will discover once you get into the spirit of things, just seeing the navel oranges will give you many different ideas for both decorating and serving your holiday party treats. The key is taking the time to just let the thoughts flow; when you try to think of different ways to serve navel oranges during the holidays, you will come up empty. When the thoughts cross your mind, write them down or better yet, immediately act upon them.

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