Eating Healthy Means Eating Honeybell Tangelos

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If you’re ready to get serious about getting healthy it’s time to buy some Honeybell tangelos. Honeybell tangelos are delicious and super sweet so they taste like a high calorie treat, but really they are one of the healthiest fruits you can eat. Honeybell tangelos have around 50 calories each, which is less than just one cookie, and you can eat several of them in one day and not have to worry about how many calories you’re eating. Honeybell tangelos, like tangerines and oranges and other citrus fruits, are packed with Vitamin C to help your immune system but they also have other vitamins and vital minerals that your body needs. Some minerals you can only get from food because your body can’t absorb them when they are in multivitamins, or the amount in the multivitamin is so small that it’s not enough to make a difference. Magnesium, one of those minerals, is necessary for the body to function well. Honeybell tangelos have Magnesium and other minerals that will help you stay healthy.

Honeybell tangelos are also a great source for fiber. Fiber is essential for weight loss and weight maintenance. Fiber is what makes you feel full so that you won’t want to eat. Foods that are high in fiber have been proven to keep you feeling full for a long time, meaning you won’t need a lot snacks to keep you going between meals. If you’re already full it will be easy to pass up those chips or cookies because you won’t be hungry. You also will eat less at your next meal because you will still feel full. Eating Honeybell tangelos as snacks, or having a Honeybell for breakfast, will help you get through the morning without going for high calorie coffee drinks or pastries or other sweets to give you the energy to get through until lunch. Eating Honeybell tangelos at night instead of a high calorie dessert will keep you full until morning so that you will be less likely to raid the refrigerator during the night. Also, eating Honeybell tangelos at night will help you sleep better. Eating foods with a lot of refined sugar and caffeine at night can end up keeping you awake or interfering with your sleep. Honeybell tangelos are only available once a year however, so you should order some Honeybell tangelos now so that you can get back on a healthy diet this year.

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